Recently, the annual meeting of TÜV AUSTRIA Group subsidiaries was carried out. In the context of this meeting, TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas was awarded with the ‘Strategic Development Award 2013’ as the best company within the Group in 2013 concerning strategic development.

The main reasons that leaded to this success were:

  • the establishment of the new subsidiary company in Qatar aiming to the expansion to the Persian Gulf markets,
  • the strategic decision of TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas of undertaking the role as the focal point for food safety inspections and certifications within the Group as well as the successful completion of the first international TÜV AUSTRIA GROUP food safety meeting that was organized in Athens,
  • the successful cooperation given by TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas to new Group subsidiaries (e.g. Pakistan, Korea),
  • the continuous support to already existing subsidiaries (e.g. Turkey, China),
  • the establishment of TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas’ Branch office in Albania.

Congratulations to the TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas’ executives that contributed to this distinction!

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