For the first time in Greece, TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS (department of Construction Materials and Products) in cooperation with TÜV AUSTRIA ACADEMY (our training academy in Greece), has designed and developed especially for the technical and construction sector a new Continuous Professional Development Advanced level programme, under the title:

“Analysis, Evaluation & Application of Structural Repair & Protection Methods according to the principles of the European Standard ELOT EN 1504.”.

Generative cause for the introduction of this CPD program was the fact that in the sector of maintenance, structural repairs and rehabilitation in European and USA markets where the infrastructure projects as well as the main construction projects are already in place. According to several scientific market researchers within the next 50 years 120 billion USD will be invested in structural repairs, rehabilitation and maintenance projects. Moreover, the year 2010 was the first year in the history of construction industry where the money invested for structural repairs, rehabilitation and maintenance projects exceed those of new constructions.

We invite you at the open day of this specific program which will take place on Tuesday the 20th of May 2014 at the conference center of TÜV AUSTRIA ACADEMY (429, Mesogion Avenue- Agia Paraskevi, Athens, Greece 1st floor, 17.30’). The attendance is free of charge. Please make sure you reserve your free seat by email at:, or by phone: Mrs Vassiliki Makrantoni (Administration Officer of the program) tel: 210-5220920, int. 130.

Please notice that the deadline to reserve your participation at the program is Friday the 23rd of May 2014.

The main purpose of this program is the presentation of important theoretical and practical principles on modern and specialized scientific disciplines through which the specialization of human resources of our country in the field of construction is achieved. The standard EN 1504, for the first time in the history of construction, introduces requirements for the implementation of special economical terms as the maintenance study, the study of resistance and useful life cost, the study of reliability of the structural integrity.


This specific training program is addressed to engineers and all other scientists who activate in the constructions field. Please notice that the program will take place every Wednesday (from 16.00 till 21.00) and every Saturday (from 09.00 till 15.00). No lectures will be given during August.

The official starting date for the program is on Wednesday the 28th of May 2014. No prerequisites are needed for attending the program.

At the end of the training program participants will be able to:

  • Use a combination of general and specialized technical knowledge to understand and optimize the application of EN 1504
  • Apply appropriate theoretical and practical methods for analyzing and solving problems
  • Calculate the degradation of the structural integrity of constructions
  • Compile analysis of the life cycle cost of constructions
  • Manage technical teams and develop them properly in order to meet the changing technical and managerial requirements of EN 1504
  • Identify problems and apply diagnostic methods to identify causes and achieve satisfactory solutions
  • Compile reports on technical support, repair and protection
  • Check and certify projects and studies based on limits of acceptable quality.

Theory and Practice / Certification Exams

This training program is not just another seminar but an integrated educational approach divided into 5 sections (170 hours) incorporating also an evaluation process that includes 4 projects and final written exams. The technical adequacy certificate after succeeding in the exams will be given directly from Vienna by the accredited organization for certification of persons, TÜV AUSTRIA CERT.

Instructors in this training program are 17 distinguished scientists and experts coming from both the Higher Education Community being currently professors of domestic and foreign Universities, and the business field, as they are important market executives (technical managers of multinational companies some of whom will come directly by the parent companies from abroad to teach). At the same time, the participation of guest speakers from Greece and Europe by both the private and the public sector who will deliver their experiences in selected sections of the program, is provided and ensured. This guarantees both the academic and practical knowledge of the market.

At the end of the course, students will be enabled to publish scientific articles in a special issue of the International Journal of Structural Integrity, if they wish.

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