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Funding: European Maritime and Fisheries Fund
Duration: 36 months (01.11.2019 – 31.10.2022)
Partners: 6 from 4 Countries (Greece, Turkey, Italy and Cyprus)
Site: https://nautiluscert.eu

Contact Person: Mrs. V. Vardalachou, Manager of TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS’s Persons’ Certification Division, 2105220920, ext. 144, vivi.vardalachou@tuv.at

Project Description: NAUTILUS’ vision is to create highly-skilled and educated Water Sports Tourism professionals, mostly for adventure sports with non-motorized equipment, who will be able to provide excellent services, act as local ambassadors and raise awareness about the protection of the seas and oceans while keeping them safe, clean and healthy.
Specifically, for the Water Sports Tourism professionals, NAUTILUS aims to the following:

• Mapping of existing education and training programs in tourism and water sports worldwide and identification of any extra training need for Water Sports Tourism professionals
• Development of the necessary tools for professionals’ better learning experience, such as training methodology, additional training modules, if needed, and an online platform
• Creation of a Qualification and Certification framework based on requirements of International Standard ISO/IEC 17024 as well as the necessary mechanism to implement it
• Implementation of pilot training at three Water Sports Tourism Centers and for at least 100 Water Sports Tourism professionals as well as conductance of their certification examinations.
NAUTILUS aims to expand the boundaries of formal and informal education with the collaboration of a University, three water sports tourism SMEs, an IT company and a Certification Body recognized worldwide.
NAUTILUS’ ambition is to create attractive jobs in water sports tourism by protecting the marine environment and creating simultaneously new opportunities for a young generation that is and wants to remain close to the sea.