TÜV AUSTRIA AKADEMIE presented its new educational program in Vienna for the year 2017 on Thursday September 1st. During the event Mr. Christian Bayer (TÜV AUSTRIA AKADEMIE, CEO) made a very exceptional presentation on the activity and goals of the Academy. In particular, TÜV AUSTRIA AKADEMIE trains annually in Austria, more than 12.000 executives, through the 1000 training seminars that organizes on 12 different topics.

Greece was the honored country and the event offered many greek surprises, such as Greek food, ouzo and music but also an art gallery of Greek landscapes. Mr. Ioannis Kallias (TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS, CEO) and Mr. Ioannis Gkotsis (Head of TÜV AUSTRIA ACADEMY –Greece)

were present and described the new concept of TÜV AUSTRIA ACADEMY in Greece, as a center for lifelong learning, which will create new dynamic synergies for the exchange of knowledge and specialty between Austria and Greece.

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