Human Resources



Our successful creative course here at TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS is a product of our people. We are honoured to employ over 170 scientists in Greece – across every discipline – and 160 abroad, and we are constantly recruiting, developing and collaborating with capable personnel to ensure continued achievement of our operating targets and priorities. The majority of the Organization’s personnel are Electrical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Civil Engineers, Chemical Engineers, Production and Management Engineers, Chemists, Metallurgists, Geologists, Food Technologists, IT Specialists and Agronomists with experience and recognition in their fields. Our philosophy at TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS is intrinsically linked with the ongoing development of our personnel, their lifelong learning and continuous cultivation.

For TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS, people are not just physical providers of our services: They are representatives of our philosophy and strategy in the market, in society and among stakeholders. Because the role of an Organization in the certification, auditing and training sector is deeply social and intertwined with the progress of our society as a whole. Because “Certification is a matter of Culture!”


TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS carries out annual evaluations of its human resources (personnel & inspectors).

The annual performance evaluation of employees is aimed at advancing the Company’s performance through improvement of individual and team performance.

Our personnel performance assessment system enables us to:

  • Focus on the results of the previous period and set targets for the coming period.
  • Define needs for personal training, development and improvement.
  • Have personnel participate in the assessment of their performance.
  • Implement an assessment system based on measurable and objective indicators.
  • Acknowledge and reward individuals’ contributions.


With the daily goal of optimum training of our human resources in specialized fields of certification, technical auditing and training – with standards and legal requirements undergoing constant review and revision – TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS has created a systematic “training cycle” consisting of the following stages:

  • Diagnosis of training needs
  • Scheduling/planning of training programmes
  • Implementation of training/education programmes in Greece and abroad

Substantial professional growth of personnel is a priority for the company. The constant growth of our operations in Greece and abroad is creating more and more opportunities for capable personnel, who have the opportunity to work in our international operations and gain new prospects for professional advancement.

At the same time, by training university students through internships at our company, we are “introducing” future licensed engineers and degree holders to the field of auditing and certification.


TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS works with Occupational Health & Safety Consultants to meet its needs throughout Greece. These consultants provide suggestions and advice on measures that need to be taken for the safety and physical health of employees and inspectors. The goal is to prevent occupational hazards and improve working conditions. Our people at TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS receive ongoing training in health and safety topics so that they can comply with safety measures and prevent occupational hazards during their work.

To handle emergencies, an “Emergency Plan” is drawn up and implemented at TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS facilities, and evacuation drills are held annually with the help of Safety Volunteers who assist in the timely evacuation of colleagues, collaborators and clients from offices in case of emergency.

TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS regularly trains inspectors who carry out audits of lifting machinery for “safe work at a height,” “road safety” inspectors and “First Aid and Firefighting” Safety Volunteers.

Our goal is to develop a safety culture that encourages all employees and inspectors to behave responsibly for their own safety and the safety of those around them.

The human resources of TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS – with their thorough training, professionalism, experience, teamwork and ethos – daily realise and promote the vision of TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS, under highly competitive conditions and in the midst of a financial crisis, at a leading and innovative organization in the sector of technical audits, certification and lifelong learning.