Funding: Erasmus+ ΚΑ3

Duration: 24 months (01/10/2018-31/09/2020)

Partners: 7 from 4 European Countries (Greece, Italy, Belgium and Germany)



Contact Person: Mrs. V. Vardalachou Manager of TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS’s Persons’ Certification Division, 2105220920, ext. 144,

Project Description: European Union (EU) has set clear objectives in terms of energy sustainability, the 20-20-20 targets, leading to a whole new demand for environmental skills in the construction sector. However, training providers have not yet caught up with this new skills demand, creating an important skills gap in the current labor market. This is also highlighted in the CEDEFOP’s report “Green Skills and Environmental Awareness in Vocational Education and Training” which explains that one of the main gaps in learning provision is for “green” construction and installation technicians.

As the European aluminium construction products industry promotes life-cycle thinking and supports aluminium use which contributes to further environmental improvements, aluminium use the last decades has increased spectacularly especially in the constructional sector.

Cedefop’s 2016 skills forecast offers insights into future trends in skill demand and supply across the European Union (EU). All sectors are expected to employ more highly qualified people, reacting to a combination of demand and supply factors

METVET project aims at a competence-based professional generic profile served as a basis for designing competence-based training programs. The underlying idea is that vocational education should enable students/trainees to acquire the competences needed in their future professions. While working as professionals, they should continue to develop their competences so that they are able to react to and to anticipate future developments their work.

The project specifically aims at one hand designing, for Aluminium & Metal Constructions technicians including:

  • a professional (qualification) profile & a core curriculum (EQF 5)
  • a corresponding VET program, including innovative teaching methods
  • a qualification standard (according to ISO/IEC17024) for evaluation and certification.

All the above will be achieved through the strengthening of the exchange of knowledge and practice between education and training institutions and the labor market. The METVET Consortium complementarity will ensure a strong collaboration between the labor market (sectoral organizations) and the education and training institutions. The role of the sectoral organizations will ensure that the developed training is in total adequacy with the employers needs, supporting the implementation of the training for workers. The role of VET providers will ensure the development of an adapted, attractive and innovative VET program as well as European Union will ensure the promotion of the training in the other EU countries.

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