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On 3rd & 4th October 2019, the third transnational meeting of Erasmus+ project MET VET was successfully conducted in Athens and IME GSEVEE premises.

The partners discussed the project’s evolution and the scheduled deliverables, the development of a Joint Higher VET Professional Profile for Aluminum & Metal Constructions Technicians, the joint transnational VET program (EQF 5), the suitable evaluation mechanism of the acquired qualifications and their certification (according to International Standard ISO/IEC 17024 and ECVET) as well as the dissemination and awareness activities of stakeholders.

By the end of first day’s duties, METVET’s 2nd Thematic Workshop was successfully organized at IME GSEVEE’s amphitheater. The Workshop was attended besides all project’s partners, by relevant stakeholders such as representatives of both employers and employees of the Metal Construction Sector, Training Providers and Certification Bodies. Participants were informed concerning the project’s final goal, creation of a joint higher VET course in the Metal Construction Sector, as much as the methodology used so far for defining a List of Joint Skills and a common Professional Profile. Finally, project partners had the opportunity to discuss surveys’ results and get important feedback directly from members of the labor market.

For more information refer to the project’s website https://www.metvet.eu/