ISO / DIS 45001 will be the new international standard for Occupational Safety and Health (OH&S) Management System, which will replace the existing OHSAS 18001 standard.

The essence for the transition (from OHSAS 18001) to this new standard, is mainly to address the need for an international OH&S standard fully harmonized with Annex SL, which is the new High-Level Structure (HLS) followed by all new versions of the ISO standards, such as those of 9001: 2015 and 14001: 2015. This will result in a common implementation framework for all management systems that an organization may implement.

The final version of the new standard ISO / DIS 45001, although initially expected for Q4 of 2016, has been postponed for 2017 according to ISO.

( /management-standards/iso45001.htm).

The reason for postponing the date of issuance is due to the fact that the DIS ballot result fell short of the required votes to move on to the next stage of approval. This result, according to the DIS/ISO procedures implies the need for a new version of the standard to be developed.

TUV AUSTRIA HELLAS, providing organizations with timely and reliable information, will further notify you of every relevant evolution.

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