TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas, the leading Certification and Inspection Organization in Greece, presents the new “ok vegan” certification scheme, which defines the substances from which an organization’s products must be completely free in order to comply with vegan ideology, as defined by the International Standard ISO 23662:2021.

It is a comprehensive Certification Scheme aimed at preventing and reducing the use of products of animal origin, in order to avoid all possibilities of contamination of vegan products by materials and ingredients of animal origin. Certified products have a direct link with suppliers and material partners involved in the production and standardization of foodstuffs.

As society evolves, an increasing proportion of the population worldwide is turning to vegetarianism and the search for products suitable for vegetarians. The reasons vary for each individual and include mainly health awareness through a vegetarian diet, but also moral ideology to protect animal rights and the environment, religious beliefs, and other personal reasons.

As many products of plant origin have animal materials and their derivatives added to them or are processed using animal materials, it has become particularly important to ensure that these products are suitable for consumption by people who have chosen a vegan lifestyle.

The Private Certification Scheme “ok vegan” was developed by TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas, in collaboration with Vegan Life, with an eye on society, the protection of animal rights and the environment, as well as consumer rights. Through the scheme, the responsibility, social consciousness, sensitivity, and business ethics that govern the company, which ensures the production of products free of materials and ingredients of animal origin, are highlighted.

Specifically, a company benefits from the “ok vegan” logo of TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas, as this way:
– It has its products certified by a reliable body, accepted by customers, releasing them from the need to carry out the checks themselves, thus reducing the time and costs required.
– It demonstrates its commitment to providing products that meet the requirements of the vegan philosophy.
– It meets customer expectations.
– Actively contributes to increasing consumer confidence.


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