Quality Policy of TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS

The Quality Policy of TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas focuses on the Zero Defect Policy in the provision of our services, it is notified to the personnel and is placed fully visible in our premises. Within the context of this policy, the Management of TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas commits to the following:

  1. Zero Defect is our company’s top priority.
  2. The defects’ elimination, the corrective and the preventive actions are NOT ONLY necessary BUT ALSO realizable.
  3. The Ultimate priority of the contact with the client and the maximization of his satisfaction by our services is the prior duty of every associate of our Organization.
  4. The promotion of quality, the health and safety of employees and the protection of the environment in all of our company’s activities is a primary responsibility of the Management and all the Management Hierarchy.
  5. The quality, the health and safety and the protection of the environment depend entirely on all of us.
  6. The combination of responsible behavior, good practice and common sense is the key to success.
  7. The compliance with the legislation, the standards and other regulatory provisions, and also the continual improvement of the Quality Management System and the Business Management System form a commitment and are interlinked to our business activity.
  8. The high quality and efficiency of our work lay the foundation for financial success and healthy development of the company.
  9. Every failure in quality, occupational health and safety and protection of the environment must be corrected immediately.
  10. The continual application of good practice’s rules and the compliance with the audit, technical control and certification procedures are an essential condition for the maintenance of our work positions.
  11. The achievement of our objectives (qualitative and quantitative) is the basis for the longevity of our Organization.

For the achievement of these objectives, the Management of the company commits to provide all required resources.

The General Manager
Ι. Κallias


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