Boutique Hotel
Short Description

  • The Boutique Hotel Seal highlights the fresh design and the development of innovative hospitality services in Greece, giving rise to new trends in the tourism industry. It is addressed to small hotels with distinctive design, which clearly stand out for their style, benefits and services. By definition, every hotel listed as a Boutique Hotel does stand out; however, hotels in this category share some common features. They:
  • Are small in size.
  • Have a distinctive style.
  • Offer unique benefits and services.


Detailed Description

  • The 3 main features of a Boutique Hotel correspond to the 3 key components for being certified as a “Boutique Hotel”:
  • Small in size: The small capacity allows guests to quickly become familiar with the surroundings and enjoy the hospitality. The Seal is addressed to 3-star hotels and over with a capacity of up to 60 rooms.
  •  Vision: The hotel’s design concept must serve a vision that transcends all of its functions (accommodation, catering, leisure). The Seal is addressed to hotels that meet the specifications for a design concept that is recognised as a Boutique Hotel.
  • Benefits and services: Guests must enjoy top-level services. The Seal is addressed to hotels that offer a minimum package of upgraded benefits and services, documented through on-site inspections.


What Is the Certification Procedure?

Follow the steps below to get a Boutique Hotel Seal:

Certification application

Who Is it Addressed To?

The evaluation for the Boutique Hotel Seal is addressed to all hotels with a capacity of up to 60 rooms which have a Special Operational Seal/Notification and a 3-star plus Rating Certificate.

What Are the Certification Benefits?

The Boutique Hotel Seal is a way of recognising, distinguishing and promoting hotels that offer a diversified stay experience to its guests. It is a constantly supported brand and can add value to a tourism business, as it:

  • Increases active demand, given that a personalised stay is one of the dominant trends worldwide.
  • Offers adequate diversification compared to the self-proclaimed boutique hotels.
  • Meets the needs and demands of guests, while it creates opportunities for repeat clientele through the certified benefits and services.
  • Provides additional benefits through an increasingly expanding network of associates, as well as special benefits through an integrated reciprocal programme by the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels (forum, TV promotion, online promotion through special portal, online reporting tools, dedicated events, participation in expos, focused actions).
  • In addition, the 200 points for hotel star rating is a strong incentive for a hospitality business to seek this certification.

Choosing TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS for evaluating the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels Boutique Hotel programme:

  • Leads to an evaluation of the accountability, impartiality and prestige of our company.
  • Provides added value to a tourism business through the credibility and strength that is reflected by our brand name.
  • Offers integrated one-stop shop solutions to businesses in the tourism industry, as it provides accredited inspection, certification and training services to fully meet their needs and ensure their activities.

Who Do I Contact for the Certification?

Head of Tourism Business Certification Department: Theano Baka, Tel: +30 210 5220920, Ext: 2006

Customer Service Department Contact Person: Anna Topaltziki, Tel: +30 210 5220920, Ext: 2064

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