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CE Certification of New Lifts
TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS provides the following inspection/certification services for the installation of new lifts.
1. Unit verification (Annex VIII of Directive 2014/33/EU), including inspection of the lift design.
2. Final inspection (Annex III of Directive 2014/33/EU) is applied to new lifts that have been manufactured pursuant to lift models that have undergone the EU-Type Examination.
Joint Ministerial Decision no. 39507/167/Φ.9.2 (Government Gazette 1407/B/13 April 2016), by which Hellenic Legislation was streamlined with European Directive 2014/33/EU, provides that for new lifts it is mandatory to apply one of the inspection/certification procedures outlined, prior to them being put into service.
The engineering firm / company installing the lift is responsible for assigning the inspection/certification procedure to an Accredited/Notified Body of their choice.
TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS is a body that has been accredited for the above procedures by the Hellenic Accreditation System (E.SY.D), as well as a European Union Notified Body, with identification no. 0906.
TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS is a leader in the Greek market in the field of inspection/certification of new lifts in terms of inspectors’ technical know-how – training – experience, quality of services provided, consistency, validity, response speed and it provides full coverage of the Greek Territory.

Contact us by phone at +30 210 5225888 or via e-mail at lifts@tuv.at and our expert personnel will be at your disposal to provide you with further information and cover your needs.