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CEPA Certified® ΕΝ 16636

CEPA Certified® ΕΝ 16636

Brief Description

CEPA Certified® is a certification protocol that enables professional Pest Controllers to credibly document and promote the quality of their services, which are carried out in accordance with the requirements of the ΕΝ 16636 European standard for Pest management service requirements’.

The Confederation of European Pest Control Associations (CEPA) represents 25 national associations, with 10,000 industries and businesses.

Brief description

ΕΝ 16636 standard sets all the requirements that must be met by pest control companies, with the aim of ensuring the quality of the service provided and effective protection of customers, public health and the environment. Companies’ compliance with the requirements of EN 16636 is inspected via CEPA Certified® audit and certification scheme.

ΕΝ 16636 standard can be combined with all Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001) or any other relevant standard (e.g., ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001) that a company applies or wants to apply in parallel with CEPA Certified®.

What Is the Certification Procedure?

CEPA Certified® ΕΝ 16636 certification service is provided exclusively by certification bodies recognized by the Confederation of European Pest Control Associations (CEPA) listed on the official CEPA website.

Companies that provide Pest Management Services and want to be certified under the CEPA Certified® ΕΝ 16636 protocol follow the steps below:

  • Submit a Certification Application for “CEPA Certified® ΕΝ 16636” to TÜV AUSTRIA ΗΕLLAS
  • Accept the financial terms and conditions for collaboration
  • Prepare your company to meet the requirements of the certification protocol
  • Schedule an inspection
  • The company is certified following successful completion of the inspection procedure
  • On completion of certification and posting of your company on the CEPA website, continue compliance monitoring for 16 to 20 months from the initial certification for the three-year certification cycle.

Who Is it Addressed To?

Certification is addressed to all companies providing Pest Management services, regardless of size.

What Are the Certification Benefits?

Application and certification of the CEPA Certified® ΕΝ 16636 protocol give a Pest Management business:

  • A comparative advantage, through the most representative and specialized certification protocol in the sector
  • Documented and valid promotion of your professional profile to existing and potential customers
  • Promotion of the excellent value-for-money ratio of your high-quality services

Who Do I Contact for the Certification?

Customer Service Department Contact Person: Ms. Anna Topaltziki, Tel: +30 210 5220920, Ext: 187

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