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The “COVID CHECK” Control Scheme was developed by TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas with a focus on Health, Safety and Business Continuity. It is another important social responsibility initiative, aiming to face the challenges of the pandemic, which TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas has launched under the auspices, support and validation of the Athens Medical Association. 

Short description

The “COVID CHECK” Scheme sets all the requirements which an Organization should apply in order to always be in compliance with the current epidemiological data and directives as defined by the competents and institutional Health Bodies, to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 within the Organization’s premises. The Agency compliance with the fulfilment of the requirements of the Audit Scheme is recorded by TÜV AUSTRIA that is as an independent Audit Body, during an on-the-spot inspection for the integrated assessment of the measures taken by the Agency, in relation to the requirements of EODY and the relevant legislations and framework for its operation.

Detailed description

The “COVID CHECK” Scheme addresses all Organizations and Companies which, due to the nature of their activity, promote social interaction and public gathering in general:

  • It assesses the measures taken by the Organization at all times, in full alignment with the epidemiological data in force; instructions and requirements to avoid transmission of the virus and reduce the risk or minimize the possibility of spread, in relation to the people they directly or inderictly encoutered, such as employees, partners – suppliers, customers, visitors and other stakeholders, at all stages of their daily transactions and functions, in the process of providing their products and/or services.
  • It assures and highlights the compliance of the appropriate and necessary measures and practices by the competent authorities and the scientific community, through the possibility of using the “COVID CHECK” Scheme, with the validation and stamp of the Athens Medical Association.


What is the Control process?
 To audit an Agency in accordance with the COVID CHECK Scheme and its performance, the following steps need to be followed:

  • Submission of the “COVID CHECK” Audit Application to TÜV AUSTRIA.
  • Review of the details of the application and submit the relevant offer.
  • Acceptance of the financial terms and conditions of the collaboration (Annual Collaboration Agreement and Control Regulation).
  • Planning and carrying out an audit.
  • Carrying out the audit report and evaluation of the controls for the COVID CHECK performance. The assessment of the performance shall be positive if any deviations resulting from the inspection have been equalized.
  • Giving the COVID CHECK Control Mark and the right to use it for one year, accordinh to the Special Trademark Usage Regulation.
  • Carrying out of an unannounced check to monitor compliance in the middle of the period of validity (approximately six months after the initial check an unannounced check is carried out).

Which bodies and businesses is it addressed to?

The “COVID CHECK” Scheme is applied to clinics, multiclinics, dispensaries, multi-dispensaries, health care establishments, other places of health interest (e.g. hairdressers, beauty centres, etc.), schools of all grades and objects, canteens, gyms, sports clubs, camps, playgrounds, nursing homes, rehabilitation centres as well as other gathering places for citizens and/or customers. The health criteria for the areas above, as set out in the control scheme “COVID CHECK”, have been validated by the Medical Association of Athens .

What are the benefits for the Organizations?

    • It gives added value to each Organization through the credibility of TÜV AUSTRIA internationally, that highlights its commitment to provide products and services to protect from threats of Covid-19
    • It gives added value to each Organization but also the certainty required by the conditions of the pandemic through the auspices and support of the Medical Association of Athens
    • It actively contributes to increase the confidence of the consumer, visitor, customer, citizen and all stakeholders involved
    • It increases reliability but also confidence of the companies that cope to reach out, restore and protect traders
    • It conveys a message of credibility to the community with a controlled, targeted and recognizable way, through the COVID CHECK Scheme and the guarantee of the Medical Association of Athens, and it actively contributes to the efforts for the desired return to normality
    • It is the first step to the certification «Covid Shield» that adds value to a Management System that ensures the continuous implementation and monitoring of the implementation of all measures taken 

Who should I contact?

For further Information please contact us at the following numbers

Athens: Mrs. Maria Vlavianou, Tel.: 210 5220920 (ext. 2070)
Thessaloniki: Mrs. Helen Kamproudi, Tel.: 2310 941100 | Mob: 6949 440597
Herakleion Crete: Fanourios Ximerakis, Tel.: 2810 244150 | Mob: 6942 556426

or via the email

Because protecting Health and Business Continuity is Culture!   

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