ISO 41001: 2018 – Facility Management

Brief description:

ISO 41001: 2018 is the first structured international framework of definitions, specifications and requirements, which aims to capture the necessary provisions and their control points, in order to ensure the effective cooperation of stakeholders in service projects for the benefit of both the organization that provides the service (Facility Management Organization) and the organization that receives it (Demand Organization), as well as the end user.


Detailed Description:

Facility Management in our time, has become a new autonomous branch of the market, which manages the largest assets of an organization with the highest operating costs, its facilities. Facility management includes a wide range of functions (maintenance, cleaning, security, procurement, operation, catering, etc.) and often involves a large number of individuals and entities (suppliers, external partners, employees, owners, end users, managers etc.). In addition, the facilities are the place where the organizations perform their basic functions and therefore their smooth and efficient operation is a self-evident condition to achieve their business goals.
ISO 41001: 2018, comes to be the connecting element to all these factors, offering them a common terminology and structure, through which Facility Management systems can be measured and evaluated, ensuring the smooth cooperation of all involved, limiting the failures in the result, creating a climate of trust and cooperation:

• Ανάλυση κινδύνων και ευκαιριών που περιλαμβάνονται και θέματα σχετικά με το Facility Management (π.χ. απαιτήσεις του demand οργανισμού).
Key points of the standard (not limited to them) are:

• Analysis of risks and opportunities that include issues related to Facility Management (eg requirements of the demand organization).
• Establish objectives for the Facility Management system in the relevant functions, steps and processes required.
• Coordination of achievement programs with the demand organization, in terms of completion and efficiency.
• Awareness of the staff involved in the consequences of FM system deviations (per project).
• Communication plan with the demand organization
• Determining the required documented information
• Contract management – project management (eg relationship management, resource management, contracts and agreements related to the level of services, monitoring the progress of the project)
• Structured framework for reporting performance to the demand organization.

What Is the Certification Procedure?

Certification Regulation

Who Is it Addressed To?
Facilities Management concerns organizations (entities) in both the private and public sector, which operate as owners and / or operators of facilities, and even as facility managers and professional consultants. The types of companies it targets can range from airport authorities and factories to universities and financial services companies. The structures, the administration and the needs of these organizations are, of course, highly variable.

What Are the Certification Benefits?
The benefits of a complete and certified Facility Management system include:
• Improved staff productivity, health, safety and well-being
• Improved communication of requirements and the way of working between private and public sector organizations
• Improved efficiency and effectiveness of organizations
• Greater consistency in the services provided
• A common ground for organizations in all sectors

ISO 41001: 2018 is addressed to organizations seeking:
• The installation, implementation, maintenance and improvement of a Facility Management system.
• Confirming compliance with the management policy in the context of their self-assessment.
• Demonstration of their compliance with it, for commercial reasons (promotion, requirement from interested parties, requirement from customers – prospective customers).

Who Do I Contact for the Certification?
Customer Service Department Contact Person: Ms. Anna Topaltziki, Tel: +30 210 5220920, Ext: 2064

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