GLOBALG.A.P.  Integrated Farm Assurance Standard (IFA) – Fruit and Vegetables

Brief description

The GLOBALG.A.P. Integrated Farm Assurance (IFA) for fruit and vegetables is a globally recognized primary production certification standard aligned with the sustainable development objectives. It provides the framework for implementing responsible agricultural practices at the farm level that contribute to the long-term sustainability of the sector and the well-being of rural communities.

Detailed Description

Integrated Assurance for fruit and vegetables covers the main aspects of primary production, from pre-harvest activities to post-harvest handling.

Key requirements include : Traceability – Food safety – Health, safety and welfare of workers – Biodiversity – Energy efficiency – Waste management – Fertilization – Water management – Integrated pest management – Plant protection products.

The field “Fruits and Vegetables” covers all products of plant production (fruits, vegetables, edible roots, bulbs, tubers, nuts, spices, herbs) intended for human consumption as fresh, cooked or processed. The scope of crop certification does not include wild, uncultivated crops as well as crops used exclusively for therapeutic (aromatic), medicinal or recreational purposes. 

 What Is the certification procedure?

 You can download the certification regulation here .The regulation includes information on the audit procedure and on the issuing and maintaining of certification.

 Who is it for?

 This standard is applied by agricultural holdings of all sizes, groups of producers, and/or individual producers.

What are the benefits of certification?  

  • Alignment with supply chain requirements regarding food safety and traceability
  • Responding to growing consumer concerns in areas such as biodiversity, responsible water management and the use of agricultural inputs.
  •  Evidence of a responsible approach to social sustainability issues.
  • Validation of responsible agriculture implementation through transparent and globally recognized certification.
  • strengthening of the organization’s marketing strategy and commercial targets
  • use of the recognized GLOBALG.A.P. logo in company correspondence, showing compliance with a globally recognized standard.

Who do I contact for certification?

Customer Service Department Contact Person: Ms. Anna Topaltziki, Tel: +30210 5220920, Ext: 2064

Certification Regulation

Certification application

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