Inspection of Electrical Installations HD 384

Brief Description

TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS offers a comprehensive set of services in the field of electrical installations, aiming to ensure the reliability of the facilities and the personnel’s safety.

Detailed Description

TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS offers the following services in the field of electrical installations:

  • Inspection of the conformity of the installation with the requirements of the ELOT HD 384 standard and the applicable legislation (ΦΕΚ 4654/Β/8-10-2021), which leads to the issuance of a certificate of conformity upon successful completion of the inspections
  • Training on the requirements of standard HD 384, the methodologies and control devices.
  • Infrared inspection of electrical installations (the inspection is performed by certified thermographs).
  • Medium and High Voltage checks and measurements (transformers, circuit breakers, disconnectors, surge protectors, earthing systems, cables).
  • Special medium and high voltage measurements.
  • Identification of faults in electrical installations.
  • Expertise

In accordance with the legislation in force (ΦΕΚ 4654/Β/8-10-2021), since March 1st, 2006, the performance of initial inspections and reinspections of electrical installations is mandatory.

Article 5 states:

  1. In order to ensure and maintain the reliability and safety of the electrical installations, initial inspections and reinspections have to be conducted, in accordance with the technical requirements and methodology of the standard.
  2. The initial inspection has to be conducted prior to the initial supply of power to each facility, or following a significant modification to it.
  3. Depending on the type of facility, reinspection has to be conducted at the following intervals:
  • for residencies and similar premises, at least every 14 years;
  • for indoor business premises that do not contain combustible materials, at least every 7 years;
  • for indoor business premises that contain combustible materials, at least every 2 years;
  • for entertainment spaces and spaces of public gatherings, at least once a year;
  • for all above categories, if the facility is affected by natural disasters (floods, earthquakes);
  • following a complaint by natural persons or legal entities;
  • for outdoor business premises (marinas, swimming pools, camp-sites), at least once a year, and in the event of suspension of power supply, prior to its reconnection;
  • for all above categories, if a change of use of the facility takes places.
  1. Initial inspections and reinspections of electrical installations shall be carried out in accordance with the applicable provisions on the inspection of electrical installations.


TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS inspectors have inspected many electrical installations in Greece and abroad (Albania, Turkey, Romania, Jordan), have undergone appropriate training and possess the necessary experience to ensure an outcome of the highest quality for the end user. All inspections are conducted with calibrated control devices.

Who Is it Addressed To?

TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS’ comprehensive services of inspection of electrical installations are intended for:

  • Houses – Apartment Buildings – Communal areas
  • Factories
  • Medium and High Voltage Substations
  • Electric Power Plants
  • Low Voltage Networks
  • Installations where cathodic protection is implemented

Who Do I Contact for the Certification?

Industrial Inspections, Contact Person: Mrs. Hara Diamantopoulou, tel. no.: +30 210 5220920, ext.2012

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