Inspection of Indoor and Outdoor Playgrounds

Brief Description

Greek Legislation describes in detail the requirements for installation, maintenance, inspection and certification of indoor and outdoor playgrounds, as well as the process for obtaining operating licences for these sites. TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS is a body accredited by the Hellenic Accreditation System (E.SY.D.) for the initial and periodic inspections of playgrounds.

Detailed Description

The inspection is related to the equipment, ground, fence and area surrounding the playground. Indicative inspection points are the observance of the distances between equipment and equipment to ground, the condition of the floor, exposed foundations, sharp edges, missing parts, structural integrity and the degree of wear and tear of mobile or immobile parts. In this manner, the safe stay of children in outdoor playgrounds is continuously assured, as any deviation from the standards or safety requirements (i.e. worn or dangerous equipment) that might put the children’s safety at risks, means that the outdoor playground can’t be certified.

The body’s inspections are conducted by specialised, experienced engineers in order to ensure the users’ (children’s) safety.

The legislation and standards followed for the inspection are outlined below:

  • Ministerial Decision 36873/2007 (Government Gazette 1364/Β/02-08-2007)
  • Ministerial Decision 28492/2009 (Government Gazette 931/Β/18-05-2009)
  • Ministerial Decision 48165/2009 (Government Gazette 1690/Β/17-8-2009)
  • Ministerial Decision 27934/2014 (Government Gazette 2029/Β/25-7-2014)
  • Interpretative Circular 44/2014
  • ELOT EN 1176-1/2/3/4/5/6/7/10/11 and
  • EN 1177:2018

 Who Is it Addressed To?

Municipalities responsible for outdoor municipal/community playgrounds as well as privately owned playgrounds (including Hotels and Hospitals) are required to undergo periodic inspections of the playgrounds. According to standard EN 1176-7 and the interpretation of the relevant circulars, the annual inspections of playgrounds by an Independent Accredited Body is compulsory, in order to certify compliance with the standards and/or safety specifications governing the operation of playgrounds.

Who Do I Contact for the Certification?

Industrial Inspections, Contact Person: Mrs. Hara Diamantopoulou, tel. no.: +30 210 5220920, ext.2012

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