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ISO 29990 – Non-formal education

Brief Description

ISO 29990 describes a system of quality management for non-formal learning services, with the aim of managing these services at a consistent level.


Detailed Description

ISO 29990 was created to meet the need to systematize organizations providing training services based on the same key principles, regardless of the subject area or the field of activity. The interest of ISO 29990 and the system being developed relates to the training needs and goals of the trainee. A given programme is structured based on this data, and its effectiveness is monitored and examined.


What Is the Certification Procedure?

Certification Regulation


Certification application


Who Is it Addressed To?

The quality management system for educational services, in accordance with the requirements of ISO 29990, can be applied in an organization or in part of an organization that provides non-formal educational services (apart from the basic and compulsory levels of education).


What Are the Certification Benefits?

Some of the benefits of implementing and gaining certification in a quality management system for educational services are:


  • The creation of specific, documented procedures that describe the operation of the organization, resulting in the organization’s capability to operate independently of the availability of specific individuals (e.g., Director of Studies, Manager).
  • Measurement of processes and procedures, and orientation towards meeting the student’s goals.
  • It provides an objective, independent and expert opinion on the system’s adequacy and compliance.
  • Certification is objective proof of the organization’s commitment to managing the quality of the service provided.
  • The certification is recognized and valid internationally.


Who Do I Contact for the Certification?

Customer Service Department Contact Person: Ms. Anna Topaltziki, Tel: +30 210 5220920, Ext: 187