Service Management Systems ISO 20000

General Description

The ISO 20000-1 standard is an IT service management system, aiming at ensuring that the quality of the IT services provided meets an acceptable specified and agreed level.

Detailed Description

The ISO 20000-1 standard contains the requirements for the design, implementation, management, control and improvement of IT services. Not only does the standard take into consideration operational issues, it also focuses on corporate checks covering related risks, resources and opportunities, by providing the right infrastructure for the classic Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle to be managed and implemented effectively.
TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS offers high quality audit and certification services that are recognised by APMG, in accordance with the ISO 20000 requirements

What is the Certification Procedure?

Certification Regulation

Who Is it Addressed To?

An IT service management system that complies with the ISO 20000 requirements can be implemented by a company or an organisation department that provides IT services, regardless of its size or specific field. Organisations that are eligible for audit and certification do not include the companies offering consulting services in the IT sector.
TÜV AUSTRIA ΗELLAS has already certified many internal (within an organisation) IT service providers, such as IT departments, and external IT service providers, such as companies providing IT services to third parties.


What Are the Certification Benefits?

• Joint agreement with the customer (internal or external) regarding the level of service provided;
• Adoption of best practices for the design, implementation, organisation, improvement and monitoring of IT processes;
• Obtaining an objective, independent and expert opinion on the system’s adequacy and compliance;
• Objective proof of the organisation’s commitment regarding quality management of the IT services provided, which is obtained through the certificate;
• International recognition and validity of the certificate.


Who Do I Contact for the Certification?

Customer Service Department Contact Person: Ms. Anna Topaltziki, tel. no.: +30 210 5220920, ext: 2064

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