Labelling Assessment & Reporting

Brief description

Assessment of the provided product labelling/packaging information with the relevant regulatory requirements of the destination country as well as special labeling requirements/restrictions (certifications, claims, special features, upcoming requirements).

Indicative assessment points are:

  • Compliance to mandatory regulatory framework requirements for product labeling (eg REG (EU) No 1169/2011 on the provision of food information)
  • Health and other claims
  • Special markings e.g. recycling, pregnancy, environment, etc.
  • Compliance to  the country of destination restrictiotion/specifications
  • Nutritional Characteristics – Nutritional Declaration – Additives
  • Allergens, Food Intolerance 
  • Preservation
  • Conditions of storage, consumption, use
  • Name and special accompanying indications
  • Special Certifications
  • Graphics and limitations
  • Accurate, legible, understandable, non-misleading, indelible information etc

To whom Labelling Assessment & Reporting Service is addressed to?

Labelling Assessment & Reporting Service is addressed to ALL Organizations regardless of the type of product they trade, their size or the country of destination of the product.


Which are the benefits of this service?

With the Labelling Assessment & Reporting service, each company is informed in a timely manner about the compliance of the provided product labelling/packaging information with the relevant legal and regulatory requirements of the country in which they are intended to be traded, thus achieving:

  • ensuring compliance by identifying deviations and risks
  • shielding the brandname and improving its credibility and reputation in the market
  • strengthening the trust of customers, partners and interested parties
  • avoidance and prevention of recalls/withdrawals related to labelling
  • prevention and assistance to resolve disputes

Ensure compliance by identifying discrepancies and risks

Shielding the brandname and improving credibility and reputation in the market

Boosting consumer and partner trust

Prevention of negative economic impacts

Avoidance and prevention of recall / withdrawal related to labelling

Prevention and aid for dispute resolution

Which procedure should I follow?

For Labelling Assessment & Reporting Service contact us to discuss your needs find more information here.

Who can I contact with?

Mrs Christina Gazi or Mrs Eleni Lampropoulou, Legal Compliance Services Division

  • tel: 210 5220920 (ext. 2036 & 2016)
  • mob: 6944 684205

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