The company was founded back in 2005 in Rethymno, Crete and later expanded to Athens (2008), Larnaca (2009),Thessaloniki (2020) and Mytilene (2024).

At the beginning of September 2022, TÜV Austria Hellas has proudly announced the acquisition of Food Allergens Laboratory after 2 years of negotiations. The new brand name stands for TÜV Austria Labs. The company currently employs 50 highly specialized scientists in Greece and Cyprus, with more than 4600 international customers, an average of 25000 incoming samples per year and the ability to carry out more than 1100 accredited tests.

The laboratory holds a specialization in immunochemical & molecular techniques used for the detection of Allergens proteins, species of animal DNA, the presence of GMO, Veterinary drugs. In addition, highly advanced chemical methods have been developed last years for the determination of Pesticides Residues testing, Mycotoxins, Heavy metals, Additives and other special tests in Fruits & Vegetables, Herbs, Olive Oil and Honey samples as well. Furthermore, Nutritional, Shelf-Life evaluation, Patch & Stability tests are some of the common parameters included in the extended service list of the laboratories.

The innovative work of the laboratory lies in pioneering analytical methods in Greece (Acrylamide, Mineral Oils, PAHs, PCBs, Phthalate Esters) and international level (Ethylene Oxide, Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids) as well as with the application of state-of-the-art equipment like the NMR Olive Oil Profiling 2.0 system by Bruker, which was the first system installed in Greece to our laboratory in Athens in 2022.

All our labs hold ISO 17025:2017 accreditation from ESYD & CYSAB (iLaC-MRA) for testing in Food, Feed & Water samples, with the accreditation field of each independent laboratory to be expanded continuously. The company also applies EN ISO 9001:2015 the production and distribution of QC products and consumables. The laboratories are also recognized by the International Olive Oil Council (IOOC), the European Federation of Vegetable Oil and Protein-meal Industry (FEDIOL) and the International Dairy Federation (FIL-IDF) for conducting testing in first raw materials and final products. The field of activities of the laboratory of the group in Athens includes the license from National Drug Agency (EOF) for food supplements and cosmetics testing, the recognition from Ministry of Agriculture (MAPA) of Brazil and the Ministry of Health, Labour & Welfare of Japan as official laboratory for quality and safety testing of exported products to these territories.

Besides this wide-range of specialized laboratory testing (chemical, immune-chemical, molecular and microbiological) we are operate in parallel to the trade of special equipment and consumables for the quality control in food, supplements and cosmetics businesses, private laboratories, and research institutions. As exclusive representatives of several international firms with good reputation and credibility (like Neogen – 3M, Gold Standard Diagnostics, Megazyme & Biosan), we are experts in the field of rapid diagnostics systems.

Finally, the specially designed laboratory in Cyprus operates the production department of Certified Reference Materials (FAL-RMS® ) and Special Extraction Salts (FAL-QuEChERS®) according to EN ISO 9001:2015. The products are AOAC approved trading internationally to more than 50 countries from food industries to private and public quality control laboratories. At the end of 2023 we developed a new service of Proficiency / Interlaboratory Testing Schemes for labs assessment according to ISO 17025.

Our Philosophy is that quality control is the key point in the production and promotion of a product which will fulfill costumers needswhile this process will result the expected benefits to the companies.We are always operate on the basis of our established principles and values that include the reliability of our services, the transparency of our procedures and the confidence in all forms of our partnerships (staff, partners, suppliers and customers).

Our vision is to become the best company in the area of our activity, both in terms of reliability and speed of our services, but also in the constant techno-economic benefit of our customers so as to mutual benefit themas well as and also the staff of our laboratories.

Our mission is to provide reliable, economic and fast services in order to benefit and to fully satisfy our customers in terms of technical and economic approach. This means to provide reliable and validated assays, to supply high quality products and update trustworthy advisory services.

Our total quality policy is governed by a set of principles for which we fight daily:

– Customer focus (Fulfil of needs-desires, value-added services principle, innovative solutions-options)
– Priority to Quality (Total Quality Standard, focusing on the production of reliable, timely and reliable results and products)
– Allocation of Competencies & Team Spirit (talented, Qualified & Experienced staff with continuous training and recognized performance)
– Confidentiality-Integrity (Our ethical principles set out all of our trade and economic activities beating staff and customer respect)

In the team of TÜV AUSTRIA Labs, we are committed to the highest ethical standards in the conduct of our services within global social responsibility. Our primary concern is to provide services with professionalism, in respect to our quality promises for the benefit of our customers and indirectly of the society, always based on legality required for administrative, financial, labor, and environmental compliance to laws and rules. Maintaining our intercompany relations for keeping the above principles is central to the achievement and continuous improvement of the quality of our services. Our philosophy, mission, principles, and values define our commitment to professional and ethical behavior while they are keeping us under constant development and innovation.

The TÜV AUSTRIA Labs is an international network of testing laboratories covering the full range of tests that can carried out on food products and their raw materials. The company now operates in Greece (Athens, Thessaloniki and Rethymno) and Cyprus (Larnaca).

Headquarters: Rethymno – Mesi VIO.PA, Sector 2, Block 11, Plot 40 – 74100
Tel/Fax: +3028310 24423 e-mail: crete.lab@tuvaustria.com

Branch Office: Athens – 429 Mesogeion Aven. Agia Paraskevi – 15343
Tel: +30211 4004293, Fax: +30210 2712498 e-mail: athens.lab@tuvaustria.com

Branch Office: Thessaloniki – 6 Katsimidi str, Euclid – 55132
Tel,Fax: +302316016847 e-mail: thessaloniki.lab@tuvaustria.com

Cyprus Lab: Larnaca – 38 Kalopsidas str, Livadia 7060
Tel: +357 24669934, e-mail: cyprus.lab@tuvaustria.com

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