The TÜV AUSTRIA FOOD ALLERGENS LABSoratory team is multidimensional and constantly updated and informed about the latest developments in the food industry through the participation in a wide range of research and other related groups and activities. Thus, every week we proceed to the publication of informative news bulletin (newsletter) to our entire mailing list.

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In the near future our laboratory will participate in the following shows and exhibitions:

  • Anuga, Cologne, 10/23,
  • Free From Functional, Amsterdam, 11/23
  • Biofach, Nuremberg, 2/24
  • Food Expo, Athens, 03/24,
  • SIAL, Paris, 10/24

The TÜV AUSTRIA FOOD ALLERGENS LABS are constantly seeking to develop new methods and expertise in food and beverages sector. In these terms we have already successfully completed 14 research projects in collaboration with leading research institutes and EU institutions.

1. EUREKA INTERSTATE GREECE-SPAIN (EIE – National Research Foundation of Greece)

΄΄Detection and identification of the Koroneiki variety (Olea Europea var. Microcarpaalba), on samples of extravirginoliveoil.΄΄

2. INTERSTATE GREECE-SPAIN-ITALY (ΕΤΑΤ – Research and Technological Development Food Industry)

΄΄International EQUAL Project in Food Section΄΄

3. ΠΑΒΕΤΝΕ (University of Athens Medical School)

΄΄Detection of Allergens in patients with unexplained clinical manifestations of food allergy.΄΄

4. INTERSTATE GREECE-CYPRUS (Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania &GSLof Cyprus)

΄΄Development of molecular biological method for assaying protein allergen sesame food.΄΄

5. INTERSTATE CYPRUS-ROMANIA (GSL of Cyprus & University of Bucharest)

΄΄Development of immunochemical detection method for Allergens and Antioxidants in Wines.΄΄

6. INNOVATION VOUCHER (Agricultural University of Athens)

΄΄Determination of Polyphenols and Fat-soluble vitamins in oils.΄΄

7. ARCHIMEDES (Catholic University of Portugal, TEI Athens)

΄΄Determination of vitamins and trace elements in Greek and Portuguese Cheeses.΄΄

8. RESEARCH PROMOTION FOUNDATION (University of Nicosia&Pittas Dairy)

΄΄Identification of different types of milk addedin Halloumi with specialized molecular techniquesRT-PCR.΄΄

9. RESEARCH PROMOTION FOUNDATION (GSL of Cyprus, Agricultural University of Athens, ΤΕΙ of Thessaloniki, University of Wienne)

΄΄Developing of an innovative product: Gluten-free bread.΄΄


΄΄ Conservation and Sustainable Exploitation of indigenous Medicinal and Aromatic plants traditionally used in the SEE, WB countries. A model approach for Sideritis spp. (Mountain tea).΄΄

11. BUSSINES PRODUCT (GSL of Cyprus& Open University of Nicosia)

΄΄ Ανάπτυξη Μεθόδων Ανίχνευσης Αλλεργιογόνων με Ανοσοχημικές και Μοριακές Τεχνικές.΄΄


΄΄Development of Allergen Detection Methods with Immunochemical and Molecular Techniques.΄΄

13. AURORA (NCSR Demokritos, H&S Technology Solutions SA, Theta Metrisis SA, Provirom Ltd)

΄΄Ολοκληρωμένη Οπτοηλεκτρονική Πλατφόρμα Πυριτίου Υπερυψηλής Ευαισθησίας για Επιτόπιες Περιβαλλοντολογικές Αναλύσεις.΄΄


΄΄ Marker Assisted Resistance to Sharka.΄΄

Executives of our company have a wealth of publications in scientific journals as well as publications of scientific writings. Indicatively, some of these:



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Title: ‘’Food Allergens: Analysis, Instrumentation and Methods’’
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Publisher: CRC Press Taylor & Francis Group, Dec 2010
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  • 13th European Pesticide Residue Workshop, Granada May 2020 ”Parameters affecting the determination of phosphine residues in cereals”, G.Siragakis, G.E. Miliadis
  • 3rd EuroSciCon Conference on Food Technology, Athens 2019 – Keynote lecture, ”Detection of multiple food allergens in traditional Greek products”, G.Siragakis
  • 1st Biotechnology, Agriculture & Food Conference, Stockholm 2018 – Keynote lecture, ”Multi-analyte allergen analysis in food by LC-MS/MS”, G.Siragakis
  • 7th Regular National Congress of Metrology Athens 2018 ‘’Food Controls for Hazard Parameters’’, G.E. Miliadis
  • 11th European Pesticide Residue Workshop, Limassol 2016
    ‘’Problems encountered in LC-MC/MS analysis for the determination of pesticide residues in food: solvent, matrix and carry over effects’’, G.E. Miliadis
  • 1st International Conference BACiF – Lodz, 2015
    ‘’Food Allergens Testing by Elisa & LC-MS/MS Techniques’’, G.Siragakis
  • 2nd EFSA’s Scientific Conference, ‘’Shaping the future of Food Safety, Together’’ – Milan 2015
    ‘’The importance of inspection in food safety assurance systems’’, A.Varlamos
  • 2nd Farmer Expo Hellas, MEC – Athens 2015
    ‘’Agricultural Products Exports: Olive Oil Innovations, Honey Problems & Prospects’’, FAL Panel
  • 10th Greek Lipid Forum, EIE Athens November 2022
    “Determination of waxes and fatty acid methyl and ethyl esters content in olive oil by Solid Phase Extraction and Gas Chromatography” G. Miliadis, A. Bimpilas, C. Kroi, G. Siragakis
  • 10th Greek Lipid Forum, EIE Athens November 2022
    “Determination of waxes and fatty acid methyl and ethyl esters content in olive oil by Solid Phase Extraction and Gas Chromatography” G. Miliadis, A. Bimpilas, C. Kroi, G. Siragakis
  • MAPs Fayoum Food Safety Festival, Egypt, November 2022
    “Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids in Medical Aromatic, Plants, Spices & Herbs” G. Siragakis
  • European Investment Bank Project, Trade and Competitiveness Expert Support, Paris, October 2022
    “Organoleptic Evaluation of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Testing Panels & International awards” G. Siragakis
  • European Investment Bank Project, Trade and Competitiveness Expert Support, October 2022
    “Extra Virgin Olive Oil quality, contaminats and EU MRLs” N.Galanis
  • European Investment Bank Project, Trade and Competitiveness Expert Support, Cairo, August 2022
    “Quality & Safety of Citrus fruits. Pesticides Residues and European Imports Limitations”, N.Galanis
  • 8th Metrology Congress July 2022, Thessaloniki
    “Testing Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids in Food” E. Lioliou, A. Bimbilas, G. Miliadis, G. Siragakis
  • 8th Metrology Congress July 2022, Thessaloniki
    “Phosphine residues in Food” G. Miliadis, I. Christopoulou, G. Siragakis
  • 8th Metrology Congress July 2022, Thessaloniki
    “Ethylene oxide residues in Food” G. Miliadis, I. Christopoulou, P. Grounta, G. Siragakis
  • 12th Greek Honey & Bee products Conference, Peiraeus December 2021
    “Antibiotics & Stimulants in Honey. Recalls in Greece and EU” G. Siragakis
  • Online Conference on Olive Oil New York College, March 2021
    “New contaminants in olive oil from RASFF” G. Siragakis
  • 11th Greek Honey & Bee products Conference, Peiraeus December 2020
    “Honey-Based Products and New Legislative Developments in the EU” G. Siragakis
  • 11th International Conference on “Instrumental Methods of Analysis”, Ioannina September 2019
    “Development And Validation Of Method For Determination Of Food Allergens With LC-MS/MS” Rodi,M. Kostakis, N. Thomaidis, G. Siragakis
  • 9th Greek Lipid Forum, National Research Foundation, Athens Jul 2021, ”Essential oils of Greek and Cypriot herbs and spices”, J Kyziropoulos, C Galaktiou, G.Siragakis
  • 11th Conference of Greek Honey and Bee products, Athens Dec 2020, ”New Legislation Developments in the EU”, G.Siragakis
  • 8th Greek Lipid Forum, National Research Foundation, Athens 2019, ”Greek Avocado Oil. Quality characteristics and functional properties”, G.Siragakis
  • 7th Ordinary Congress of Metrology, Athens 2018 ‘’Mediterranean diet and pesticide residues’’, P.TsiantasG.E. MiliadisG.Siragakis ‘’Determination of phosphine residues in cereals by GC-MS/MS’’, P.TsiantasA. LampidonisG.E. MiliadisG.Siragakis
  • Association of Greek Chemical Society, Psycho-Social Risks in Working Enviroment, Athens 2018 ‘’Work anxiety in the Chemical Industry’’, G.Siragakis
  • 7th National Conference of the Greek Lipid Forum, Thessaloniki 2017 ”Functional Characteristics of Frankfurter and pomegranate oil”, G. SiragakisI. LioliouC. Paraskevaidou
  • 3rd IMEKOFOODS, Metrology Promoting Harmonization-Standardization in Food & Nutrition, Thessaloniki 2017 ”Uncertainty Evaluation of Parameters used in LC-MS/MS System Suitability for the Determination of Pesticide Residues”, G. MiliadisP. TsiantasK. Paraskevaidi and G. Siragakis
  • 2nd International Conference on Biological Active Compounds in Foods, Lodz 2017 ”Multi-analyte allergen analysis by LC-MS/MS”, G. Siragakis
  • 10th International Conference on Instrumental Methods of Analysis, Heraklion 2017 ”Detection of honey adulteration with sugar syrup addition, using LC-MS/MS and ICP-OES”, G. Siragakis
  • 10th International Biodetectors Conference, Sorrento 2017 ”Paraquat, glyphosate, atrazine and endosulfan in water by Si-based Monolithically Integrated Polychromatic Young interferometer Biosensors”, A.LambidonisG. Siragakis
  • 6th International Congress on Food Technology, Athens 2017 ”Antioxidant Health Claims for Riboflavin and Manganese in Cypriot Honey, G. Siragakis
  • 5th International Congress Food from A to Z, Lodz 2016
    ‘’Rapid methods of analysis for the dairy sector’’, A. Abrozniak, G.Siragakis
  • 6th Ordinary Congress of Metrology, Athens 2016
    ‘’Determination of Mycotoxins in cereals by LC-MS triple quadrupole’’, P.Tsiantas, G.E. Miliadis
    ‘’Problems in Food Analysis using LC-MS triple quadrupole’’, G.E. Miliadis, P.Tsiantas, G.Siragakis
    ‘’Carryover effect in Pesticides Analysis by LC-MS/MS’’, V.Evagelou, H.Anagnosotpoulos, G.E. Miliadis
  • 11th European Pesticide Residue Workshop, Limassol 2016
    ‘’Problems encountered in LC-MC/MS analysis for the determination of pesticide residues in food: solvent, matrix and carry over effects’’, G.E. Miliadis
  • 1st International Conference BACiF – Lodz, 2015
    ‘’Food Allergens Testing by Elisa & LC-MS/MS Techniques’’, G.Siragakis
  • 2nd EFSA’s Scientific Conference, ‘’Shaping the future of Food Safety, Together’’ – Milan 2015
    ‘’The importance of inspection in food safety assurance systems’’, A.Varlamos
  • 27th National Congress in Fruits & Vegetables Science – Volos, 2015
    ‘‘Pesticides determination in fruits & vegetables with LC-MS/MS’’, P.Tsiantas, G.Siragakis, G.Miliadis
  • 6th Greek Lipid Forum, NIR – Athens, 2015
    ‘’Determination of Aflatoxins in Greek vegetable oils’’, P.Tsiantas, F.Spithouraki, G.Siragakis
  • 7th International Symposium IDF – Limassol, 2015
    ‘’Food Allergens in Traditional Dairy Products of Cyprus’’, G.Siragakis

Olive Oil Analysis with NMR (Olive Oil Profiling Bruker System 2.0)
G.Siragakis, A. Bimpilas  – Webminar March 2023

Affidia Talks about Analytical Methods for Food Allergens
G.Siragakis  – Webminar June 2022

12th Training Series, Interdisciplinary School of Interoperability Quality and Targeting, Hellenic National Defence General Staff
G. Miliadis, A. Varlamos, N. Galanis, G. Siragakis  – Athens November 2020

N.Galanis – ”Food testing, & outsourcing laboratories. Food Fraud, Residues, Contaminants, Allergens” – Lecture in Agricultural University of Athens Food Science & Technology Postgraduate Program, Athens April 2019G. Siragakis – ”Nutritional and Health Claims regarding specific ingredients of the extra virgin olive oil: Polyphenols and tocopherols’’, Elaioparagogi Jan 2017 p. 118G. Siragakis – ”Nutritional and Health Claims regarding specific ingredients of the Cyprus honey: Riboflavin and Manganese ” Cyprus Beekeeping – CYBEEAS 2016, Iss.16 p.37

V.Evagelou, G. Siragakis– ”Carob Honey (locust beans) Qualitative Characteristics and Prospects”, Cyprus Beekeeping- 16 (5):37 · May2016

G. Siragakis– ”Laboratory Analysis of Bioactive Ingredients in Packaged Foods for Health-Claims Documentation”, AllPackHellas – 72 (1):36 · Feb 2016

Presentation of the Critical ProductsFAL-QuEChERswithin the Fruit Logistica Promo ServiceSpotlight Int.

G. Siragakis –Fruchthandel Magazine (3):17,Berlin 2016

Accurate Tests & Laboratory Equipment for Quality Control (FAL QuEChERs& CRMs)

N. Galanis – Middle East Food Magazine (3):34, Beirut 2016

Rapid Microbiological Techniques Using Specialized Equipment,

Frederic Martinez – 1stNeogen Europe Workshop on Rapid Food Safety Solutions, Athens 2016

Laboratory Analysis of Bioactive Components to Health-Claims Documentation

G. Siragakis – Food Chemistry Week (Functional Foods), Athens 2015

Laboratory honey testing for exports to the EU, U.S.A., Canada, Japan and other third countries,

G. Siragakis – Roundtable on honey exports, Piraeus 2015

Food Allergies and European Regulation 1169/2011,

A.Varlamos – Workshop in cooperation with the company Theodorou Automation, Athens 2013

Aromatic & medicinal plants crops in Greece

A.Varlamos – Report/presentation within the Elaiotechnia exhibition show,Athens 2012

Identification of Unknown Compounds by Using LC/TOF-MS

G.E. Miliadis, LiapisK. – Greek Society for Mass Spectrometry Conference, ????a 2011

BEUC view on DG Sanco Priorities within the next 5 years

A.Varlamos – DG SANCO Advisory Group – Brussels, 2010

Food Allergens: Typical cases of contamination at the production process.

G.Siragakis – Food Safety Conference, TEI of Athens2010

Biofunctional ingredients in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

G. Siragakis – CyprusFood&DrinkMagazine (7):34, 2010

Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

G. Siragakis – Cyprus Food&Drink Magazine (5):25, 2009

Investigating the consumer perception system on emerging technologies in the food area ILSI Workshop, A.Varlamos – Emerging Technologies for Efficacy Demonstration – Brussels 2009

Rapid Analysis Methods for the detection of allergens, mycotoxins, GMOs and pathogens

G.Siragakis –Seminar in collaboration with the Aristotle University and N.AG.RE.F., Athens 2008

Sensory Evaluation of Olive Oil

G.Siragakis – Elaikosmos Olive Oil World Magazine (1):45, 2008

Immunochemical Methods for the detection of Adulteration in Olive Oil

G.Siragakis – Elaikosmos Olive Oil World Magazine(1):49, 2008

The Regulation 1881/2006 for maximum chemical contaminants in meat.

G. Siragakis – FOOD TECHnology Magazine (3):30, 2007

Effect of virgin olive oil filtration processes in the presence of various contaminants

G. Siragakis, I.Sarigiannis – Food Chemistry Week –GCA, Thessaloniki 2006

Legislative requirements for allergen labeling to food products.

G. Siragakis – All-Pack Magazine (12):34, 2006

Immunochemical methods for identifying hazelnut oil in olive oil,

G. Siragakis – BioFoodMagazine (12):110, 2005




The TÜV AUSTRIA FOOD ALLERGENS LABS having in direct interpersonal contact and communication with customers, partners, professionals and other organizations in the food industry, informing you the latest news and developments supporting any relatively concerns.

In addition to the above relations, the company executives involved in several national and international exhibitions in the food industry, to transfer their knowledge and explain their proposals

  • Food Expo – Athens, 18-20 March 2023
  • Detrop Oenos – Thessaloniki, 18-20 February 2023
  • Agrotica – Thessaloniki, 20-23 October 2023
  • SIAL – Paris, 15-19 October 2022
  • Fruit Logistica – Berlin, 5-7 April 2022
  • FHA F&B Asia – Singapore, 28-31 March 2022
  • Food Expo – Athens, 12-14 March 2022
  • Anuga – Cologne, 9-13 October 2021
  • Freskon – Thessaloniki, 15-17 April 2021
  • Gulfood – Dubai, 21-25 February 2021
  • AgriteQ – Qatar, 17-21 March 2020
  • SIAL – Paris, 18-22 October 2020
  • Polagra Tech – Poznan, Autumn 2020
  • FHA F&B Asia – Singapore, 31-3 April 2020
  • FoodExpo – Athens, 7-9 March 2020
  • Biofaq – Nürnberg, 12-15 February 2020
  • FoodTech Athens, 12-14 October 2019
  • Anuga Cologne, 5-9 October 2019
  • Food Expo Athens, 16-18 March 2019
  • SIAL International food exhibition – Paris, 21-25 Οκτωβρίου 2018
  • CHEM 2017 10 th Exhibition of Chemical & QC Equipment – Athens 24-26 November 2017
  • Anuga Food Fair – Cologne, 11-15 October 2017
  • 4th Food Expo – Athens Metropolitan Expo, 18-20 March 2017
  • 15thArtoza International trade fair for Bakery & Patisserie – Athens, 3-6 March 2017
  • 25thInternational Fruit and VegetablesExhibition, Fruit LogisticaBASF – Berlin, 2017
  • 26thInternational Food Show, SIAL – Paris, 2016
  • 3rd Olive Oil Festival &Wine Expo – Warsaw, 2016
  • 4thMilk & Cheese Festival, Agro Quality – Athens, 2016
  • 7th International ShowPOLAGRA-TECH – Poznan, 2016
  • 4thInternationalExpo Free From Food – Amsterdam, 2016
  • 20thInternational Food & Beverages Exhibition, Food Asia – Singapore, 2016
  • 3rdInternational Food & Beverages Trade Show Food Expo – Athens, 2016
  • 24thInternational Fruit and VegetablesExhibition, Fruit LogisticaBASF – Berlin, 2016
  • 20thInternational Food Expo, ANUGA – Cologne, 2015
  • 9thInternational Fruit and Vegetables Expo, Fruit AttractionIFEMA – Madrid, 2015
  • 26thInternational Food Expo, GULFOOD – Dubai, 2015
  • 3rd InternationalExpo Free From Food – Barcelona, 2015
  • 23rdInternational Fruit and VegetablesExhibition, Fruit LogisticaBASF – Berlin, 2015
  • 1stMediterranean Expo for Olive and Olive oil, Elaiotechnia – Athens, 2015
  • 7thGreek Festival forHoney and Honey products – Peiraus, 2015
  • 25th International Food Show, SIAL – Paris, 2014
  • 23rdInternational Food & Beverages, Machinery & Equipment Expo, DETROP – Thessaloniki, 2014
  • 19thInternational Food Expo, ANUGA – Cologne, 2013
  • 3rdInternational Exhibition of Food, Beverages, Bakery and Confectionery ARTOZA – Crete, 2012

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