Sensory Evaluation of Food & Drinks

In our Athens laboratory, we are also operating the independent Sensory Testing Panel of TÜV AUSTRIA Labs! Within our state-of-the-art specialized facilities, all categories of sensory evaluation of foods & drinks can be supported.

  • Controlled conditions according to ISO 8589 requirements to avoid external distractions & psychological influences.
  • Sensory discrimination testing according to the standard ISO 11136:2017 (dairy, juices & bakery products)
  • Unique Accredited laboratory in Greece and Cyprus, according to ISO 17025:2017, for the above tests
  • Continuously expanded list of testers, with more than 150 active volunteers (at least 60 people per test)
  • Discrimination tests (single, pair comparison, duo-trio & triangle tests), taste profile evaluation, Shelf life ,etc.

The sensory quality of foods is one of the most important factors influencing a consumer’s decision to buy, as this aspect makes an immediate impression. Sensory testing as an approved testing method is therefore increasing in importance in many areas of food production.

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