Legal Compliance Services

Legal Compliance (definition): the awareness, adaptation, monitoring and implementation of the regulatory framework by an Organization

The Legal Compliance is a requirement and legal obligation but at the same time constitutes a philosophy of the Management of each Organization. The awareness of all employees must be ensured, as a model of corporate culture of an Organization and a measure to strengthen the corporate identity and brand.

Brief description

TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas provides customized Information and Support services and / or Compliance Audits to Organizations with legislative or regulatory requirements in the following areas:

  • Food hygiene and safety throughout the supply chain
  • Environment, Environmental Safety, Sustainability, Energy, Emissions
  • Health and Safety at work
  • Industry – Business

TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas pioneers and supports businesses with the most modern, easy to use, secure and friendly tool, the innovative Special Purpose Regulatory Compliance Platform for effective, immediate and timely Information and general business support.


Detailed description

TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas, in the framework of the Legal Compliance, provides customized Support and Information services with respect to current legal and regulatory framework that concerns the entire operation and business activities of an Organization. More specifically:

  • Creation of a comprehensive Register of applicable legislation / Legal Compliance
  • Continuous updating of the Legal Compliance Register and written report to the Organization which take place on a regular basis (according to the agreement), and in a timely manner, in cases where the law provides (any) deadline for the immediate compliance of the Organization with new obligations / requirements (info & alert)
  • Assessment of the Organization’s compliance with regulatory requirements (monitoring & reporting) by providing a detailed report
  • Labelling assessment: compliance of the provided product labelling/packaging information with the relevant regulatory requirements of the destination country

Levels of cooperation

– The possibility to choose the degree of cooperation through three different levels (Core Level, Advanced Level, Premium Level) achieves the maximum coverage of the needs per business field of each organization’s activity.

Who are the Legal Compliance Services addressed to?

Legal Compliance Support and Information Services are addressed to ALL Organizations regardless of their size or field of activity.

Which are the benefits of this service?

Legal Compliance encapsulates complex challenges for Organizations. The pace of change in the legal framework requires prompt and immediate flow of information and demonstration of targeted and effective reflexed actions. Given the enhanced accountability and potential liability, Organizations are required to ensure the punctual and thorough Legal Compliance. Through our services, an Organization can achieve:

  • Early and valid identification of gaps and risks arising from non-regulatory compliance
  • Immediate planning and effectiveness of actions for compliance in all legal systems at national, European and / or international level depending on the size and scope of activity of an Organization
  • Early and valid identification of forthcoming legislation for study, consultation, and active participation
  • Strengthening management and good control practices
  • Support for management planning and well – documenting decision making
  • Improving Organization’s culture and overall operation by creating a holistic compliance model
  • Protecting and improving market reliability and reputation
  • Prevention of negative financial consequences, possible fines, sanctions, etc.


The selection of TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas for Legal Compliance services:

  • reflects added value to the Organization through TUV Austria’s proven many years of experience and deep knowledge of the business operation
  • provides assurance to the business for its early and comprehensive response to regulatory requirements through the reliability and proven quality which are reflected through our name and brand
  • leads to information with the responsibility, impartiality, and validity of our organization
  • offers the possibility to Organizations to fully cover their needs and safeguard their activities by integrated one stop shop solutions providing accredited inspection and certification services as well as high standards training


Which procedure should I follow? 

Contact us to discuss your needs or complete and submit the relevant Application form of Interest


Who can I contact with?

Elena Labropoulou, Christina Gazi, Legal Compliance Services Division

  • 210 5220920 (internal. 152)
  • +306944684205

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