Pet Stay

The Private Certification Scheme “Pet Stay” was developed by TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas with the initiative and the support of “Woof Together”, focusing on the welfare of pets, the society and business continuity.

“Pet Stay” pertains to the basic “Pet Friendly Culture” control and certification model for a suitable, safe, pleasant and comfortable experience for the pets and their “parents”, when they travel, have fun or go on vacation with them.

The Private Certification Scheme “Pet Stay” is an integrated Certification Scheme aiming at showcasing responsibility, social and animal welfare conscience and sensibility, as well as increasing the confidence of visitors and interested parties in the hospitality enterprises, which provide services to cat and dog owners and their pets.

It also aims to raise awareness on the welfare of pets and the support of the hospitality industry to meet the needs and the expectations of a new and emerging market.

Brief description

The Private Certification Scheme “Pet Stay” applies to hospitality enterprises and sets out fundamental requirements and procedures for the facilities, the services and the amenities of such enterprises to accommodate cat and dog owners (and their pets), in order to obtain the “Pet Stay” certification.

Detailed description

Awareness and adoption of pets has been growing rapidly in recent years. This tendency has led the tourism business to take the first steps towards creating policies, facilities and experiences that are attractive to pet owners with the most important aspect of this effort lying in two key areas:

  • To implement the necessary measures to satisfy “parents” and their pets.
  • To enhance the confidence of customers/pet “parents” in choosing a specific service provider.

TÜV AUSTRIA, within the context of its role as a Certification Body, acknowledging the above as a means of business and social development, has moved forward to create the Private Certification Scheme “Pet Stay”. The main elements of the Scheme are:

  • The recognition of the need and the commitment of the Hospitality Enterprise to implement all the necessary measures in a systematic management model, in order to achieve a pleasant experience for owners and pets. The main objective of the system is to assess the compliance of an Enterprise in relation to all effective requirements and to certify that it can provide an appropriate, safe, pleasant and comfortable experience to pet “parents” and pets themselves, while offering services to other guests, who will not be affected by the presence of the pets.
  • The availability and allocation of the necessary resources and means to achieve this objective and integrate it into the core business planning.


What are the benefits of this certification?

The Certification Scheme and the “Pet Stay” logo assists each Hospitality Enterprise in:

  • designating its commitment to provide appropriate, safe, pleasant and comfortable accommodation and products to pets and their owners by avoiding disturbing the rest of the guests;
  • actively contributing to increase the confidence of the guest, the consumer and all the involved and interested parties;
  • increasing market share in the tourism sector;
  • satisfying customer expectations and contributes to the effective vigilance for the animal rights;
  • reinforcing its strategy to develop a range of awareness-raising activities for employees, business partners, customers, visitors, and in general all involved parties, on the methods and resources available for the animals and their welfare;
  • contributing to ensure its business continuity by expanding its clientele and systemic operations;
  • enhancing its social footprint;
  • actively contributing to the formulation and implementation of public policy on the status and rights of pets

Moreover, the selection of the Private Certification Scheme “Pet Stay” and TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas confers added value on each Organization via the credibility and the strength reflected in our name and brand name.

Which is the certification procedure?

To certify each Organization with the “Pet Stay” Certification Scheme, the following steps must be followed:

  • submission of the “Pet Stay” Certification Application to TÜV AUSTRIA;
  • acceptance of the financial terms and conditions of cooperation (contract and Certification Regulations);
  • completion of the Self-Assessment (check list) questionnaire, in order to conduct an initial preparation/inspection;
  • planning and conducting an initial inspection;
  • certification of the Organization after the successful completion of the initial inspection;
  • upon completion of the certification, to continue to monitor the compliance of the Organization through surveillance inspections on an annual basis;

 Which entities and enterprises is it addressed to?

The “Pet Stay” Certification Scheme applies to hospitality enterprises and in specific to main and non-main accommodation establishments, regardless of their size, the complexity of their structure or their category (star and key category).

Such enterprises include, but are not limited to, city hotels, resort hotels, annual or seasonal hotels, boutique hotels, furnished room and apartment rentals, tourist camps, glamping enterprises, etc.

 Whom do I contact for the Certification?

For more information, please contact us at

Athens: Tel.: +30 210 5220920

Thessaloniki: Tel.: +30 2310 941100

Heraklion, Crete: Tel.: +30 2810 244150

Mytilene: Tel: +30 22510 40504-5

or send us an e-mail at:


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