Covid Shield

The Private Certification Scheme “CoVid Shield” was developed by TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas focusing on Health, Safety and Business Continuity. It is a comprehensive Certification Scheme which aims at increasing the trust of citizens and consumers in businesses that apply and are certified with the TÜV AUSTRIA CoVid Shield Certification Scheme.

Brief Description

The Scheme sets out fundamental requirements and procedures which must be applied by an Organization in order to obtain the “CoVid Shield” certification. They also verify that an appropriate mechanism, sufficient resources as well as appropriate infrastructure, are always in line with current epidemiological data and guidelines, for the prevention of the inflow or spread of the coronavirus disease, at the Organization’s facilities.

Detailed Description

The Private Certification Scheme “CoVid Shield” applies to all businesses which due to their activities, support the interaction, hospitality and in general have public gathering places and confirms that:

  • Applying the necessary measures, implement the appropriate procedures and practices by the relevant authorities and the scientific community to avoid the transmission of the virus.
  • Provide the means and the facilities needed to implement procedures and practices.
  • They have trained staff which is continuously trained with educational programs to comply with the recommended published procedures and the new guidelines as they are updated by the National Health Organizations and other international authorities (e.g. WHO).
  • Inform and guide appropriately all those who enter or are accommodated in the business facilities, in order to avoid the transmission of the virus.

It connects responsibility, social awareness and sensitivity, as well as the business ethics that is regulated by an Organization with preventive actions and goals for:

  • reducing the risk or minimizing the possibility of spreading due to coronavirus (COVID-19)
  • Supporting high-level of prevention against potential exposure (involuntary or voluntary) to coronavirus (COVID-19)
  • Managing potential incidents of coronavirus (COVID-19) in an organized, immediate and armored way, based on the recommended published procedures of the relevant national (e.g. ministry of health) and international authorities (e.g. WHO) and the co-responsible bodies

The Certification Scheme provides three different levels of “CoVid Shield” certification (Principal, High or Excellent) based on the combination of each middle Surveillance Audit of the Certification Cycle and the time prior to their implementation of notification.

What is the certification procedure?

  • Submission of the complete certification documents to TÜV AUSTRIA within the timeframe for release.
  • Acceptance of the financial terms and conditions of cooperation (contract and Certification Regulation)
  • Preparation of the Organization regarding the development and implementation of a systemic approach mechanism in order to be qualified with the requirements of the Scheme
  • Planning and conducting an inspection
  • • Certification of the Organization after the successful completion of an inspection with three Certification Levels depending on the time and the methodology that the Surveillance Audits are implemented
  • Upon completion of the certification, monitoring of the Organization will continue to be implemented depending on the Level of the Certification

Who is it for?

The Private Certification Scheme “CoVid Shield” is suitable for all businesses that due to their activities support interaction, hospitality and have public gathering places. Indicatively, it is suitable for hospitality businesses (hotels, accommodation), catering, manufacturing, processing and / or food distribution units, transportation and supply chain companies, retail trade (supermarkets, shops, shopping centers), sports centers, public services, educational centers, schools, facility management companies, etc.

Benefits of the Certification Scheme

The certification Scheme and logo “Covid Shield”, contribute to an Organization to:

  • Proves, through the use of the specific logo of the certification, its commitment to operate and provide products and services shielded from their exposure to coronavirus (COVID-19) threats
  • Reinforces its strategy to develop a set of actions to raise awareness to its employees, business partners, clients and visitors, about methods and resources available to safeguard a sheltered environment
  • Contributes actively to raising confidence of customers, visitors and all involved and interested parties

Who do I contact for certification?

Customer Service Department:
Athens: Ms. Nonika Mpaka, Tel: 210 5220920, Ext: 2006 | Mobile: 694 9113999
Ms. Maria Vlavianou, Tel: 210 5220920, Ext: 2070
Thessaloniki: Eleni Kamproudi, Tel: 2310 941100 | Mobile: 6949 440597
Herakleio Crete: Fanourios Ximerakis, Tel: 2810 244150 | Mobile.: 6942 556426
Mytilene: Dimitris Grammatis, Tel: 22510 40504-5 | Mobile.: 6958 459879
Email at

The protection of Health and Business Continuity means Civilization!

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