Private Certification Scheme “NO FOOD WASTE”

The Private Certification Scheme “NO FOOD WASTE” was developed by TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas in cooperation with the non-profit organization “Boroume SAVING FOOD-SAVING LIVES” with a focus on Society, Environment and Business Continuity.

It is an integrated Certification Scheme aimed at highlighting the responsibility, social awareness and sensitivity, as well as business ethics that govern each Organization which defines and takes actions related to the development of continuously evaluated methods of food management and utilization to limit and minimize food waste in all stages of its operation.


Brief Description

The Scheme sets out fundamental requirements and procedures that an Organization must implement in order to obtain “NO FOOD WASTE” certification, relating to the monitoring and assessment of the levels of food waste that occurs or may occur within the Organization.

The actions taken by each Organization have a direct correlation with partners, suppliers, customers and other stakeholders within food supply chain.


Detailed Description

Food waste is a global issue with an ever-increasing place in the priorities of countries. Prevention, improved measurement of food waste, residue recovery and voluntary agreements offer the greatest potential for accelerating progress towards achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDGs 12.3) to reduce food waste by 50% until 2030, as well as reducing losses.

Food is priceless and its production can require the mobilization of significant resources, which entails environmental, social and economic costs.

This continuous change is a multifaceted issue primarily linked to

  • taking the necessary measures to improve and continue life as we know it today
  • enhancing the confidence of customers and consumers (and other stakeholders and interested parties) to choose a product or select a provider of a sustainability-related service.

What Are the Certification Benefits?

The Certification Scheme and the “NO FOOD WASTE” logo, assists every Organization to:

  • Demonstrate its commitment to provide products and services that advocate the prevention of food waste
  • Reinforce its strategy to develop a series of awareness-raising activities for its employees, business partners, customers, visitors, and generally all stakeholders, on the methods, actions and resources available to safeguard its commitment to minimize food waste
  • Actively contribute to increase the confidence of the consumer, the visitor and all stakeholders and interested parties
  • Significantly improve its environmental footprint, while ensuring savings in natural and financial resources
  • Meet customer expectations and contribute to effective ethical vigilance
  • Ensure business continuity
  • Promote the exchange of information and knowledge and to highlight and disseminate, directly or indirectly, good practices to reduce food waste (and through pre-training and training programs for its staff)
  • Enhance its social footprint and corporate social responsibility through food redistribution activities for public benefit
  • Actively contribute to the formulation and implementation of public policy for the prevention and reduction of food waste in Greece

Furthermore, the choice of the Private Certification Scheme “NO FOOD WASTE” and TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas, adds value to each Organization through the credibility and strength reflected in our brand name and highlights the Organization’s commitment to provide products and services with a view of limiting and minimizing food waste at all stages of its operation.


What is the Certification Procedure

To certify each Organization with the “NO FOOD WASTE” Certification Scheme, the following steps must be followed:

  • Submit the “NO FOOD WASTE” Certification Application to TÜV AUSTRIA
  • Acceptance of the financial terms and conditions of cooperation (contract and Certification Regulations)
  • Preparation of the Organization with regard to measures and actions in order to meet the requirements of the Scheme
  • Planning and conducting an initial inspection
  • Certification of the Organization upon successful completion of the initial inspection
  • Upon completion of certification, continue to monitor the Organization’s compliance through surveillance inspections on an annual basis.


To which organizations and businesses the “NO FOOD WASTE” scheme is addressed?

The “NO FOOD WASTE” Certification Scheme applies to Organizations operating along the entire food chain (primary production, processing, packaging, processing, manufacturing, storage, wholesale and retail distribution, provision of services such as catering, hospitality, health, educational structures, etc.) regardless of the size or complexity of their structure (e.g. single or multi-site organizations).

Such organizations are, for example, food processing and manufacturing plants, waste markets (meat markets, fish markets, fruit and vegetable markets), supermarkets, hotel accommodation, health care facilities (hospitals, clinics, clinics), hostels, catering services, schools, nurseries, airlines, camps, etc.


Who Do I Contact for the Certification?

For more information, please contact us at the following numbers

Athens: Tel: 210 5220920 

Thessaloniki: Tel.: 2310 941100

Heraklion, Crete: Tel.: 2810 244150

Mytilene: Tel.: 22510 40504-5

or send an email to


No Food Waste is a matter of Culture!

Waste less – Give more

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