Safety Components for Lifts
The Safety Components for lifts (SCL), as set out in Annex III of Directive 2014/33/EU, are the following:

  • Locks for landing doors
  • Devices to prevent the car from falling or uncontrolled movements
  • Overspeed governors
  • Buffers
  • Rupture valves fitted to jacks of hydraulic lifts
  • Electric safety circuits containing devices with electronic components.

Regarding the Safety Components for Lifts, TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS provides the following services:

  • EU-Type Examination, in accordance with Directive 2014/33/EU, Annex IVA.This is the part of the conformity assessment procedure in which a Notified Body examines the technical design of SCL and verifies that it satisfies the applicable essential health and safety requirements of the Directive.
  • Random checking in accordance with Directive 2014/33/EU Annex IX. This is the part of the conformity assessment procedure in which a Notified Body conducts inspections and tests on appropriately selected SCL samples at random intervals, in order to verify that they are in conformity with the approved type as described in the EU type examination certificate.

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