“Smoke-Free Culture” Certification Protocol

Brief description

The “Smoke-Free Culture” Certification Protocol has been developed by TÜV AUSTRIA in order to bring forward the organizations and legal entities (hence called “Organization”) that wish to be associated with tangible actions, implementation plans and measurable objectives in order to be relieved from cigarette smoking in their premises, as well as during activities or events that they organize.

Detailed description

The main objective of the “Smoke-Free Culture” protocol is to certify that an Organization has provision to plan, support, implement, monitor and continuously improve a set of actions, aiming to ensure the vision above.

These actions will set the right ground to:

  • Effectively inform the Organizations’ adult smokers about the harm caused by cigarette smoke, not only to their wellbeing, but also to their personal and social relations, and at the same time encourage them to quit cigarettes, always in accordance with the guidelines of the competent Ministry of Health.
  • Responsibly inform the employees of the Organization who are cigarette smokers and consciously wish to continue smoking, regarding the potential and scientifically suggested alternative to cigarette choices.
  • Actively inform the entire Organization of the value and importance of a “Smoke-Free” environment that could significantly improve the relations among smokers and non-smokers, contributing to a more harmonious environment of cooperation and mutual respect.

To be certified, an Organization must satisfy and document a specific framework of terms and requirements, as described in the “Smoke-Free Culture” Certification Protocol, complementary to the existing legislation on smoking. TÜV AUSTRIA will audit the conformity to this framework, with a mechanism that ensures an objective, impartial and fully documented assessment of each Organization.

Steps to Certification:

For an Organization to be awarded with the “Smoke-Free Culture” Certification, the below steps should be followed:

  • Submission of the “Smoke-Free Culture” Certification Protocol Application Form
  • Approval of the economic terms and conditions for cooperation
  • Preparation of the Organization to meet the requirements of the Certification Protocol
  • Planning and audit process
  • Certification Award after successful completion of the audit process
  • Upon completion of the Certification, continuous follow up on the compliance of the Organization.

Who is it for?

The “Smoke-Free Culture” Certification protocol applies to every kind of Organization, i.e.  Companies (small, middle-sized, or multinational companies), Public Bodies like Bureau and Local Authorities, as well as Events like Conferences, Trades, and Seminars etc.

The benefits of the certification:

Through the “Smoke-Free Culture” Certification, an Organization:

  • Shows, through the use of the specific logo of the certification, the validation of its commitment to be relieved from cigarette smoke.
  • Reinforces its strategy to develop a framework and set of actions to raise awareness to its employees and/or business partners proving its sensitivity in such an important issue for the society as is to quit smoking cigarettes.
  • Contributes actively to raising public awareness regarding the harm caused by cigarette smoking to adult smokers and to the society.

Who do I contact for certification?

Customer Service Department Contact Person: Ms. Anna Topaltziki, Tel: 210 5220920, Ext: 2064


Certification Regulation

Certification application

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