Vehicle Type Approvals

 Brief Description

Vehicle Type Approvals is a procedure related to new vehicles of categories M, N and O that have never been registered in Greece or a foreign country, ultimately aiming at the issuance of licence plates.

Detailed Description

Following the mandatory implementation of European Directive 2007/46/EC in Greece (Joint Ministerial Decision 29949/1841/09 – Government Gazette Β’2112/29.9.2009 and Ministerial Decision 5299/406/12 – Government Gazette Β’2840/23.10.2012), TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS offers a complete package of vehicle inspection services as Technical Service:

  • category B (82557/3861/15/17.03.2016 with designation certificates numbers DT0-003-E, DTO-004-M and DTO-005) and
  • category C (960/115/14/04.03.2014 with designation certificate number DTO-002-C)

for individual type approvals, for small series type approvals and for European type approvals for vehicles.

Based on the Technical Report issued, the Approval Authority (Vehicles Technology Directorate of the Greek Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport) can afterwards issue the respective type approval.

TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas is the largest Technical Service in Greece in terms of number of inspected vehicles of all types and categories (M, N, O, refrigerators, buses, tippers, trailers, all kinds of tank vehicles, ambulances, refuse trucks, winter service vehicles, canteens, vacuum trucks, armoured vehicles, boom lifts, hook lifts, sweepers, crane vehicles, fire engines, etc.), having a solid relationship with the largest manufacturers in Greece and abroad.

What is the Process for Type Approval of a Vehicle?

  1. The interested party sends an application along with the complete technical documentation of the vehicle to our Technical Service.
  2. The technical documentation is reviewed and a date for the on-site inspection of the vehicle is set.
  3. On-site vehicle inspection.
  4. A technical inspection report is issued by our Technical Service and the dossier is submitted to the competent Ministry.
  5. Type Approval is issued by the competent Ministry.

Who Is it Addressed To?

All vehicle manufacturers, all vehicle importers and in general all companies that have purchased a complete vehicle with the purpose of making it available for use (issuance of licence plates).

Indicative List of Clients who Entrusted Us


What are the Benefits of Obtaining Type Approval?

It’s the only way for a complete vehicle, i.e. a vehicle that is the result of two manufacturing stages, to receive licence plates.

Who Do I Contact for the Certification?

Contact person: Mr. Ioannis Sotirhos, tel. no.: +30 210 5220920, ext. 2057


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