Water Parks 

Brief Description

The services portfolio of TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS, a safety oriented organisation, includes services related to the inspection and certification of water park facilities. The inspection consists of an examination of all requirements of European standards regarding the proper operation and maintenance of a water park.

Detailed Description

The relevant international standards (ΕΝ 1069-1+ AC:2012, ΕΝ 1069-2 for water slides, EN 15288-2:2008 for swimming pools and ELOT EN 13451-1: 2011 + A1: 2016, ELOT EN 13451-2: 2015, ELOT EN 13451-3: 2011 + A3: 2016 regarding equipment for swimming pools and recreational parks) lay down the specifications that a facility must comply with, in order to provide the user with the safety required. They specify a series of requirements; from signage and safety instructions for users to construction and maintenance requirements. The implementation of these requirements in the design and operation of the facility minimises risks during use.

Inspection points:

  • swimming pools and their equipment (indicatively: steps, handrails, entrapment locations, protection from falling);
  • water slides (starting and exit areas, entrapment locations, risk of falling, water supplies, maintenance, inspection of metal structure and support);
  • existence of appropriate signage for the user, such as use and safety instructions, appropriate information on the water slide risks, as well as indications of the appropriate user age group;
  • maintenance of the facilities as well as effectiveness of the water park operation and emergencies plan.

Through completion of the inspection and certification of the facility by our organisation, the facility owner/administrator ensures that the operation of the facility complies with international standards for water slides and that it satisfies all specifications related to its proper and safe use. On one hand, the owner/administrator can utilise this certification when communicating with the competent authorities or their partners/customers. On the other hand, the user ensures that all measures necessary for their safety have been implemented in the facility and that they can enjoy the water park services safely.

It is noted that TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS can also provide these services at the stage of construction of the facility, so that the outcome can be ensured from the outset, both in terms of appropriate infrastructure (dimensions and depths of exit areas, requirements of water slides, accesses) and operational requirements, such as signage, personnel training, etc.


Independent water park inspections, particularly when conducted by an internationally recognised and reliable body such as TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS, provide the parties concerned with the assurance that the facilities operate within internationally recognised specifications, thus minimising any risks their operation may entail.

Who Do I Contact for the Certification?

Industrial Inspections, Contact Person: Mrs. Hara Diamantopoulou, tel. no.: +30 210 5220920, ext.2012

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