We Do Local

Short Description

We Do Local is a certification standard for hotels and ships, created for businesses that boost the local production and economy, and promote Greek hospitality. It is addressed to businesses with products and services that promote the culture, gastronomy, environment and sustainability of the Greek land.

The We Do Local standard is a point of reference for showcasing the value of experience in tourism and the excellence of tourism businesses in Greece, in a coordinated and strategic manner. It is an essential driving force for local, economic, cultural, ecological and social development of the community where they operate, under specific terms and strict specifications, presenting countable results.


Detailed Description

The We Do Local standard highlights the mentality of businesses to operate with respect to the environment and sustainability, while bringing the uniqueness and responsibility of hospitality to centre stage, promoting local customs and traditions, showcasing the local cuisine, supporting local producers, and assisting in measurable terms the production and economy of their homeland.

Businesses wishing to be certified with the We Do Local standard need to fulfil certain criteria, which have been designed and adjusted to each business category. Fulfilling them ensures that they offer quality services, while showcasing the identity of their land to their customers. The criteria relate to the following categories:

  • Licenses / Certifications / Awards
  • Social / Labour
  • Architecture / Infrastructure / Surroundings
  • Social Events / Local Culture
  • Environment / Sustainability
  • Eateries


What Is the Certification Procedure?

Follow the steps below to get a We Do Local certificate:

Find the application here.


Who Is it Addressed To?

We Do Local is addressed to tourism businesses (main tourist accommodation and not) and ships that operate based on the We Do Local mentality.


What Are the Certification Benefits?

The businesses certified to the We Do Local standard:

  • Differentiate their product in the market and meet the increased active demand given that diversified accommodation is one of the prevailing trends internationally.
  • Boost the customers’ satisfaction rate in terms of demands and needs, as well as foster repeat business due to the increased certified and diversified benefits and services.
  • Capitalise on the opportunity to use the We Do Local Seal, gaining yet an additional measurable and competitive promotional tool.
  • Gain access to international promotional opportunities for their companies through Local Production & Hospitality SA, which was established with the sole purpose of automatically reducing the cost of promotional campaigns.
  • Operate respecting the local community and the environment, in proven and certified terms.
  • Gain 200 points (in accordance with the legislative framework in place for hotel star rating).


Choosing TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS for the We Do Local certification:

  • Leads to an evaluation backed by the accountability, impartiality and prestige of our company.
  • Provides added value to a tourism business through the credibility and strength that is reflected by our brand name.
  • Offers integrated one-stop shop solutions to tourism businesses, as it provides accredited inspection, certification and training services to fully meet their needs and safeguard their activities.

Who Do I Contact for the Certification?

Head of Tourism Business Certification Department: Theano Baka, Tel: +30 210 5220920, Ext: 2006

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