SKLAVENITIS has taken the certification «TÜV AUSTRIA CoVid Shield», to an “EXCELLENT” level, for the policies and the measures that it applies with its purpose, the prevention of admission and the spreading of Coronavirus at its stores.

With the basic principal “First and foremost the people”, SKLAVENITIS from the first moment of the pandemic’s appearance until now, took action from very early to apply at the total of its facilities, one complete policy and strict measures of protection with a target of restricting the contagion and spreading of coronavirus.

After the conduction of the relevant audits at the total of the evaluated point from the experienced auditor of TUV AUSTRIA Hellas, SKLAVENITIS certified for the whole application of all the measures that oversees such a high level certification and is committed for their faithful application in order to contribute to the protection of public health.

You can read more here.

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