-The SAVE THE BEE The Parnitha Bee Project program was announced on the occasion of  Earth Day.

With the aim of restoring the biodiversity of Mount Parnitha, the largest green lung of Attica, after the devastating fires of recent years, TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas and the SANI/IKOS Hospitality Group, as part of the sustainability and corporate social responsibility programs they implement, have created the SAVE THE BEE – The Parnitha Bee Project program. Specifically, TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas and the SANI/IKOS Group jointly undertake the adoption of bees, replacing all recorded bee colonies lost in the fires. Thanks to the SAVE THE BEE – The Parnitha Bee Project, approximately 235,000 acres of land in Mount Parnitha will benefit from pollination, as 1,500,000 bees will pollinate 19.4 billion flowers over a three-year period. The contractors of the program, in collaboration with professional beekeepers from the non-profit organization Bee for Planet, are responsible for ensuring food, as well as the daily care and maintenance of the bee colonies.

In the next stage, in collaboration with the Hellenic Agricultural Organization – DIMITRA, the creation of botanical gardens near the bee colonies is also planned for the bees’ food. Additionally, the Laboratory of Apiculture and Beekeeping of the Agricultural University of Athens has undertaken the supervision and measurements related to the progress of the project, in order to document and record the change in biodiversity in the areas affected by the bees and beyond over the next three years.

The official announcement of the program was made on the occasion of World Earth Day – 22nd of April, in the area of Mount Parnitha, in the presence of the contractors, TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas and SANI/IKOS Group, the Implementing Body Bee for Planet, and the Region of Attica, under whose auspices the program is implemented. Employees of the two companies and their families had the opportunity to learn about the program and its benefits to the biodiversity of Mount Parnitha through various entertaining and informative activities for both children and adults. A guided tour was provided to the three key bee colony locations, in Thrakomakedones, Fyli, and Varympompi, as well as detailed information on the monitoring, recording, and study stages of the program by the Agricultural University of Athens.

Watch the action video.

Ms. Eleni Andreadi, Director of Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility of the Sani/IKOS Group, noted: “Recognizing the significant role of bees in restoring ecosystems affected by fires, such as Mount Parnitha, the Sani/IKOS Group has decided to join forces with TÜV Austria Hellas in an effort to support the natural regeneration of the mountain’s biodiversity. This initiative is part of our programs for the protection of important Mediterranean ecosystems, such as forests, wetlands in Sani, Halkidiki, dolphin populations in Thermaikos, and pollinator colonies, which we implement as part of our environmental strategy.”

Mr. Ioannis Kallias, Managing Director of TÜV Austria Hellas, emphasizing the importance of private initiatives in environmental actions, pointed out: “It is important for all of us, first and foremost as citizens, but also as responsible corporate citizens, to take action on issues that concern us. Mount Parnitha is the main green lung for Attica, which has suffered enormous destruction since 2007. At TÜV Austria Hellas, with sustainability and ‘green’ development at the core of our services, we consider it our duty to create a program that will support its natural restoration and promote a greener future for future generations.”

“The Region of Attica congratulates the significant initiative ‘SAVE THE BEE’ for Mount Parnitha, sending at the same time a significant message of awareness and, above all, action for the restoration and protection of natural ecosystems, the planet, and the well-being of people,” emphasized Ms. Loukia Kefalogianni, Deputy Regional Governor of the North Sector of the Attica Region.

The event could not have been possible without the contribution of valuable supporters:

  • Euroclinic, for the kind donation of medical staff
  • The professional makeup department of Educational Group «AKMI», which undertook the face painting of the young guests
  • Natural mineral water «THEONI», for the donation of water in recyclable paper packaging
  • The communication company AIA Relate, for communication and promotion activities of the program.

The SAVE THE BEE – The Parnitha Bee Project also includes educational and awareness-raising activities for the public on biodiversity protection issues, aiming to mobilize and collaborate with citizens for a more sustainable future. More information about the program.

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