In continuance to the EU grant agreement concerning the realization of GSS-VET, EU Erasmus+ program «Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices – Sector Skill Alliances», TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS is officially joining forces with 14 other organizations, with the aim of upgrading the skills and enhance the employability of young technicians in the field of geothermal and solar installations.

The program aims in the designing and implementation of EU core curricula (EQF level 4-5) for geothermal and for solar energy system installers, including innovative teaching methods and work-based learning. The learning outcomes and the professionals’ competencies will be evaluated and therefore certified based on ECVET recommendations and on ISO/IEC 17024 standard requirements, accordingly.

Stay tuned for more information concerning GSS-VET progress.

Project partners:

  1. Technological Educational Institute of Crete – Department of Department of Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering (GR)
  2. ECTE – European Center in Training for Employment (GR)
  3. Chania Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GR)
  5. TUV Austria Hellas (GR)
  6. SQLearn (GR)
  7. European Labor Institute (BU)
  8. Chamber of Installation Specialists in Bulgaria (BU)
  9. Sofia Energy Centre (BU)
  10. Technical University of Sofia (BU)
  11. ALECOP (SP)
  12. INSTAGI- Asociación empresarial de Instaladores y Mantenedores de Gipuzkoa (SP)
  13. International Geothermal Association (EU – DE)
  14. German Geothermal Association (DE)
  15. Bochum University of Applied Science (DE)

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