Recently TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas, verified the Social Report of the Non profitable Organization Smile of the child. The verification process of the Smile of the child for the annual Report of 2011 included:

  • Level Check of the Corporate Social Responsibility report, based on GRI, in order to control the fulfillment of the requirements of Level C.
  • Final review of the updated final draft of the Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Release of the «Application Level Statement», which is also part of the final Report.

Specifically, Mrs. Mylona, manager of the Marketing & Corporate Communication Department of TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas, noted at the event organized by the Smile of the child at HILTON Hotel on Wednesday, February 27th, under the coordination of the journalist Spyros Haritatos, that:

“TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas, in the frame of its CSR activities, verified the Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development Report of the Smile of the child. In this way, Smile of the child demonstrates that the data for the report is true and accurate and that the organization is honest and open to be audited by any independent third party.”

In his speech, the Chairman of the Board of the Smile of the child Mr. Kostas Giannopoulos mentioned that the Smile of the Child is the first nonprofitable organization in Greece to implement something like that, wishing to do one more step to enhance the credibility of the organization. Note that the TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas has today the largest team of certified verifiers for Corporate Social Responsibility in Greece, having already gained the market recognition for its high quality and added value services.

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