TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas, the leading Certification and Inspection Organization in Greece, is the only notified body in Greece and among very few in European Union for the new EU Regulation 2019/1009 for safe and effective fertilizing products (FPR) and has a full scope of Accreditation & Notification to conduct conformity assessment procedures for all types of fertilizing products.

The new Regulation (FPR) establishes a common legal framework for fertilizing products in the form of a “conformity assessment” mechanism, radically changing the product labelling requirements and the way in which fertilizing products are CE marked. From 16th of July 2022 onwards, producers, importers, authorized commercial representatives and fertilizing products distributors will be able to market within the EU, CE-marked fertilizing products such as organic fertilizing products, organic-inorganic fertilizing products, growing media or plant biostimulant, provided they comply with the requirements of the new European Legislation.

The conformity assessment procedure must be followed by producers, regardless of whether they are established in an EU country or a third country, if their products are marketed in the EU.

TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas has been approved as one of the few Notified Bodies in the EU included in the European Commission’s NANDO database and provides worldwide both types of possible conformity assessments (full scope). The first includes Module B (EU Type Examination, a conformity assessment that verifies and assures that the technical design of fertilizing products meet the requirements of the FPR) and the second includes Module D1 (Quality Assurance Certification, which ensures that the quality management system for the production process complies with the FPR).

In addition, TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas is a notified body under Module A1 to ensure compliance for producers of high nitrogen (>28%) ammonia nitrate fertilizing products, for which detonation and oil retention testing shall be carried out under its supervision on a regular basis.

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