TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS verified the Sustainability Report 2013 of the HELLENIC PETROLEUM GROUP after several checks and verifications at all group’s basic facilities in Northern and Southern Greece. Particularly, the Organization of Certification and Verification TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS undertook the verification of the elements published in this Report through checks of the relevant data and allied processes and systems. It is worth to say that the HELLENIC PETROLEUM GROUP, the largest oil refining company in Greece and one of the leading energy groups in South East Europe, pioneered through the selection of the new version G4 of the GRI organization for the issue of sustainability reports, fulfilling the requirements of the selection ‘comprehensive’ of the GRI-G4. In this way, the HELLENIC PETROLEUM GROUP demonstrates its awareness for Social Responsibility aspects. In addition, the Report fulfills the principles and criteria of the UN Global Compact- Advanced Level as well as the special requirements for the oil industry (GRI-Oil & Gas Sector Supplement). The verification of the Sustainability Report 2013 by TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS confers to the HELLENIC PETROLEUM GROUP even more prestige and reliability towards society. TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS holds a leading position in the field of verification of sustainability reports as a result of its great technical sufficiency in this subject occupying highly trained and expertise verifiers.

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