Laboratory testing and analysis of food stuff is of paramount importance for the production of safe and quality food for consumers and society. Accredited laboratory testing combined with reliable inspection and certification of food safety management systems are the pillars that ensure safe and quality production, processing and marketing of safe and quality food products.  

In this emerging reality, TÜV AUSTRIA, the Leading International Technical Inspection and Certification Organization, has decided to enter to a strategic partnership through the acquisition of the majority of shareholding and joining forces with FOOD ALLERGENS LABS, the accredited food and water analysis laboratories in Greece and Cyprus. FOOD ALLERGENS LABS laboratories have a wide range of accreditations on more than 1,100 parameters in food and water. They stand out for their pioneering accreditations in ethylene oxide, pyllolizidine alkaloids, amino acids which make them the only analytical laboratories in the SE European region to hold such accreditations, while recently, they have acquired NMR laboratory equipment for the pioneering analysis of olive oil origin.

Today, FOOD ALLERGENS LABS employs 33 special scientific and administrative staff in Greece and Cyprus with accredited laboratories in Athens, Thessaloniki, Rethymnon-Crete and Larnaca-Cyprus.

FOOD ALLERGENS LABS laboratories maintain their financial and administrative independence and according to the business plan, will be further strengthened to successfully meet new needs in laboratory analyses, in line with the modern needs of the food market. The aim of this synergy is to provide the Greek and global market with a complete package of laboratory analysis services, which are necessary & prerequisites for the reliable certification of food products and their placement in the markets.

Mr. George Siragakis, General Manager of FOOD ALLERGENS LABS in Greece and Cyprus, commented: “Our laboratories will be significantly strengthened with this new agreement and we look forward to further upgrading our services to our clientele in Greece, Cyprus and abroad. The continuous upgrading of our facilities, the development of our expertise in new analyses, the continuous expansion of the scope of our accreditations, the synergy with TÜV AUSTRIA for our further development by combining our strengths, are key objectives. All of us at FOOD ALLERGENS LABS, we are very happy and confident about the brilliant results of this synergy”.

Mr. Ioannis Kallias, Managing Director of TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas, Executive Business Director Business Assurance of TÜV AUSTRIA Group and Executive Member of the Executive Committee of TÜV AUSTRIA Group, noted: “We welcome FOOD ALLERGENS LABS‘ accredited laboratories to the international TÜV AUSTRIA Group network! The laboratories have been recognized since their inception for their innovative services, their flexibility and fast response to the clients and their distinctive footprint in the laboratory analysis and testing market which has already led them to one of the top market positions in Greece and Cyprus. We welcome our new colleagues and are looking forward to implementing our plans. The best is ahead of us!”.

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