TÜV AUSTRIA, consistent in the effort for the effective and continuous support of business needs of its clients and colleagues wish to inform you that FSSC 22000 has published the updated version 6 of the scheme. Scheme documents are available for download at https://www.fssc.com/schemes/fssc-22000/documents/fssc-22000-version-6/ .

The main reasons for changes in the new version of FSSC 22000 V6 are:

  • Incorporating the requirements of ISO 22003-1:2022.
  • Strengthening the requirements to support organizations in their contributions to meeting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • Editorial changes and amendments as part of continuous improvement.

An overview of the main changes between FSSC 22000 Version 5.1 and Version 6 can be found here.

The applicable requirements for audits and transition timelines are the following:

  • Audits against the FSSC 22000 Scheme requirements V5.1 are only allowed up to latest 31 March 2024.
  • Upgrade audits against FSSC 22000 Scheme requirements V6 shall be conducted from 1 April 2024 until 31 March 2025.
  • Initial certification audits: both the Stage 1 and Stage 2 audit shall be conducted to Version 6 when the audit takes place from 1 April 2024 onwards OR conduct the Stage 1 to Version 5.1 (when conducted before 1 April 2024) and Stage 2 to Version 6 when conducted on or after 1 April 2024.
  • An upgrade audit is a full audit against the new FSSC 22000 V6 requirements and may be conducted announced, or unannounced if required to meet the 3-yearly unannounced audit requirements.
  • TÜV AUSTRIA is required to update the FSSC 22000 certificate of the certified organization following the successful completion of the Version 6 upgrade audit process. The Scheme Version 6 shall be referenced on the certificate, in the audit report, audit plan, audit program, and in the FSSC Assurance Platform.
  • In the case of an Upgrade surveillance audit, the expiry date from the V5.1 certificate shall be maintained.
  • All upgrade audit packs and V6 certificates are required to be uploaded on the FSSC Assurance Platform within 2 months of the last day of the V6 upgrade audit. TÜV AUSTRIA shall therefore have completed the V6 upgrade in the Assurance Platform no later than 31 May 2025.
  • All remaining V5.1 certificates will automatically be set to withdrawn in the Assurance Platform after 31 May 2025, and will then no longer be visible on the FSSC 22000 public register of certified organizations on the FSSC website.

TÜV AUSTRIA, with its specialized personnel, will keep you constantly informed about the developments that concern FSSC 22000 Certification.

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