In the end of the last year TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS completed 20 years of successful presence and continuous development in Greece. Established in 1994 with its headquarters in Athens, TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS expanded its network in Thessaloniki and Heraklion of Crete within few years and, in 2014, it founded a new branch in Mytilene of Lesvos Island. Today, totally 150 employees, auditors and executives are employed. Moreover, during the last decade, our vigorous activation abroad started, with subsidiaries, branches and local representatives in Cyprus, Albania, Turkey, Egypt, Israel, Yemen, Jordan, Pakistan, Korea as well as in Doha of Qatar, where a new branch was created in 2014, covering the market of Arab Gulf countries.

TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS, utilizing the expertise and scientific support of the international network of TÜV AUSTRIA GROUP, has been activating for 20 years in the fields of Audits and Certifications of Management Systems, Construction Materials, Construction Products, Machinery and Equipment, Lifts, Building and Industrial Facilities, with impressive success. In addition, TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS is a leading company in terms of reliability of its services concerning the inspection, certification and verification in sectors of environment, occupational health and safety, medical devices and health services, the quality of construction products and steel. Thanks to all the above, its clients may expand to national or international markets with respect to people and the values of sustainability. Recently, we have developed over 19 new services such as audits of organic products, photovoltaic installations, wind turbines, vehicle type approvals, entertainment centers for children and adults (amusement parks), entertainment water parks, external and internal playgrounds, escalators, verifications of social corporate responsibility reports etc. Also, TÜV AUSTRIA ACADEMY (HELLAS), which is the educational organization of TÜV AUSTRIA GROUP, has trained more than 15.500 executives in the private and public sector via training programs, enforcing and supporting their professional career in Greece and abroad.

Emphatic recognition of our progress and success is the fact that TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS, due to the high specialization and expertise that it has developed in Greece, has been set as the focal point for the whole TÜV AUSTRIA GROUP globally concerning the audits in agri-food sector as well as the inspections and certifications of projects relevant with Renewable Energy Sources. TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS is responsible for the international strategic development of the Group for these aspects.

Today, TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS aims even higher, considering the future prospects and taking into account the global developments. The continuous effort for expansion of its accreditations and recognitions received for its services provided, in combination with the dynamics coming from the experienced and the highly qualified personnel provides assistance to the company’s strategic for even more quality and integrated services and contribution to the society.

Today, it’s time to give the floor to you who are supporting us. To our customers. To you we owe our presence and our existence. Pioneering once again in Greece, we invite you as you please spend ten minutes of your time in order to complete your opinion about us and help us to become better.

The collected data will only be used for the corporate purposes of TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS and is anonymous. During the questionnaire completion process, no computer or user’s data or IP addresses are stored.

Please, tell us your opinion through the following link:

The results of the customer satisfaction survey will be published through our corporate website and will be our main tool for our policy the coming years.

Thank you for participating. Thank you for your time! Best wishes for the New Year with health, creation and joy!

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